3 Small Changes You Can Make for a Healthier Lifestyle

Something a little different from me today. I’m no fitness expert (I do try) but I thought i’d write about a couple of things i’ve done recently to have a better lifestyle. I’m usually pretty terrible when it comes to things like this and I love a pint and a pizza as much as the next man, so if you’re unmotivated like me, check this out and let me know what you think…

1. Switch up some of your foods (Without even noticing)

This is something i’ve done recently and actually forgot about it until writing this post, but switching up some of your food for something similar is great for your health. I’m no expert, don’t get me wrong, but after doing a bit of reading up I switched crisps for unsalted cashew and almond nuts, lettuce for spinach and went for that wholemeal brown bread instead, and honestley i’ve felt better for it.

I’m not one of those people to go all vegan on life, I still eat the same things as i’ve always had,  but switching the little things will slowly get me on the right track.


2. Smoker? Why not vape instead?

Ok, so this is something that’s kicked off massively in the past couple of years. Everywhere I look people are vaping (you see those videos all over Facebook of people doing tricks with them), but it actually has benefits on your health too. Medical professionals are actually getting people to make the switch from smoking and it’s just one of those little switches to make for a healthier lifestyle if you’re a smoker.

I’ve had the odd fruity flavoured shisha in my time and apparently these taste the same so there’s that bonus too. Check out these Vapelux Vaping Kits if you fancy making the switch.


3. Walk at every opportunity (Save a bit of cash too)

Give yourself a bit more time and walk instead. Obviously this is a bit easier in Summer, but I live about 20 minutes from the train station so walk this every day (and return makes 40 mins of walking), instead of getting the bus. You don’t realise you’ve walked so much but it all adds up and you feel great for it.

This is definitely a decent option if you’re unmotivated like me to go for a run in the morning, or hit the gym. Just stick your headphones in and walk to where you need to be. Since getting Apple Music i’ve got in to trying out new albums, I pick a different one every day which motivates me walk instead.


If you have any great tips for a healthier lifestyle, or have taken on my advice then let me know. Also, take a look at my week using high protein diet foods.

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5 thoughts on “3 Small Changes You Can Make for a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. These are some great tips, simple and easy to add into your life without making major changes. I used to walk everywhere and it does make you feel better, but ever since I’ve had my car I’ve become extremely lazy. I’ve started using the stairs more often now though or I feel like I’m getting no exercise at all, I do have a gym membership but I just don’t use it. x


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