Cascade of Colour is a UK Men’s Lifestyle blog delving in to the world of Male Fashion and Grooming, Food, Music (a lot of this!), Design, Tech and Travel.

A bit about the man behind it? I’m Adam Mckinley, 26, and currently situated in the city of Liverpool, after moving here 6 years ago from Lancaster (can’t forget about the hometown).

I started this blog back in 2012 as a place to document my favourite t-shirt designs and new, exciting music I love to share. A couple of years out of blogging due to working with a major electronic music festival as a digital executive, i’m now back talking about anything and everything on my mind.

I now work with my bloggers myself on various campaigns and up for connecting with you all. I also work in social media, which is something i’ve been interested in since University, how it can help businesses of all sizes in a variety of ways.

I enjoy hearing from you so feel free to email me at cascadeofcolour@gmail.com or catch me on Twitter here, and Instagram here. Thanks for reading my blog!



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