Brand Spotlight: Tag Heuer x The Watch Gallery

They say that a luxury timepiece for a man is the equivalent to an engagement ring for a woman, but it’s something I’ve never had the biggest of interest in. I’ve owned watches in the past and they’ve looked nice with sleek, minimal designs, but i’ve never owned anything £200+. Watches can be a bit of an investment, […]

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Examining the Most Useful Things That Can Be Achieved By Drones

uses for drones image

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest technology news, you’ll have likely run across drones at some point or another. These technological devices have grown so popular that governmental agencies have been forced to take action and require owners to register their drones. While the mass majority of consumers purchase one of these products as a way […]

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Survive a Music Festival with this Essential Tech

music festival essentials image

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you’ll know i’m a bit music obsessed, and in particular music festivals. I’ve been going to festivals for about 8 years now (apart from the odd one with parents as a child) and seen all sorts of sights you can’t unsee. They’re becoming ever more popular […]

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