I’ve Made a 4 and a Half Hour Long Drum & Bass Playlist, Just Because…

So I had a little time out of blogging earlier in the year and completely forgot to keep updating my monthly playlists of tracks i’m currently listening to (I’ll bring this back at some point, maybe as a 3 month thing?). There’s been loads of new tunes and albums which i’ve had on repeat, but as […]

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What I’m Listening To // January 2017

It’s finally February after what feels like the longest January on record (I honestly didn’t think it would ever end to be honest), but the one good thing that came from it was some great music. There’s quite a big UK focus to this playlist as we’ve had some great releases from the likes of […]

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What I’m Listening To // December

I know i’m a bit late with this one but it’s safe to say it’s been a busy month. I would’ve included some fitting Christmas songs in here, but I want to look back on these playlists as a yearly journey of music and I won’t lie, I haven’t been listening to many xmas tunes […]

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What I’m Listening To // November

In terms of my personal music taste, there’s been some big releases since my last playlist, including new Childish Gambino, a Tribe Called Quest album and The XX are back on the scene. As i’ve made this a monthly feature now, here’s my playlist of tunes i’m currently listening to, and have been throughout October […]

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Lancaster Music Festival 2016


The weekend just gone, I ventured back to my home town of Lancaster for a quick visit to see the parents, which resulted in a great day at Lancaster Music Festival. If any of you know Lancaster, it’s not the busiest of places and growing up there, the atmosphere was lacking a bit (moving to Liverpool […]

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What I’m Listening to // October

october music playlist image

Last month I put up a playlist of music i’m feeling at the moment, so I’ve decided to do it as a bit of a feature on here and create a playlist each month. This is a way of getting an idea of what i’m about, what influences my blog (as I’m usually listening to […]

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Top September Music Festivals to Celebrate the Last Days of Summer

september music festivals uk image

Even though most people are already in Autumn mode, Summer is not yet over and this week’s supposed heatwave is proof of that. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in some parts, it’s time to celebrate those last days of sunshine and what better way than a late summer music festival. Music festival season is my […]

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