The Finer Details of Men’s Fashion

If there’s one thing that got me in to blogs and to set up my own blog, it was men’s fashion tips. I originally started my blog showcasing independent fashion brands before broadening out to everything from travel to music, but I still read blogs for the sole purpose of finding fashion advice, what other bloggers are wearing and outfit ideas.

One thing I did notice on my blogger travels was the attention to detail involved in men’s fashion. There’s so much more than the latest streetwear brands or what jackets go with certain shirts, but things like luggage ideas and the finer details of fragrance choices and socks (who knew these were so important back in the day?).

Personally, my style is very casual so when it comes to things like meetings or fancy dinners I tend to struggle, turns out a decent pair of Adidas Ultra Boosts just don’t cut it with a shirt & tie. I stumbled across this infographic from the guys over at Stand Out and their ’22 Top Tips For Men’s Fashion’, I think i’ll just use this as a step by step guide from now on for any events I need to smarten up for. It’s time to throw out those wire hangers and make sure those white shirts are kept as white as possible. Number 16 is an important one, not everyone just naturally looks effortless, there’s hard work put in to looking good and it starts with your fashion.

Regarding number 11, you should remember that the style and type of watch you wear makes an enormous difference to what it is doing for your overall style. If you are looking at getting a new watch, you might want to think about trading your current one in so that you can afford a new one that’s really going to work for you. Look into Patek Philippe watches if you want to be able to upgrade your watch to something amazing.

Let’s take a look at all the tips now.

mens fashion tips image

I’m always on the look out for good fashion tips for men, and I know there’s some great blogs out there. Feel free to drop me a comment if you find one.

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