#MakeTheFuture – Reusing Coffee for Projects

I’m a nightmare for wasting food and things once they’ve gone off but I’ve noticed recently more and more programmes, blog posts and videos on reusable energy and ways of reusing food, which is something I want to start doing more. Did anyone watch that programme with Jamie Oliver and his mate who created a full banquet for a village using food from the bins (might have been ‘Jamie’s Super Food?). Anyway, since then i’ve seen more restaurants like this pop up, including a ‘pay-as-you-like‘ one in Liverpool which i’m yet to try, but what a great idea.

I spotted this video on Channel 4’s website with the delightful Rachel Riley, Alex Brooker and Jamie from Made In Chelsea being given some gone off coffee and turn it in to something useful, as part of their ‘Reverse Engineers’ campaign. The idea they came up with in the end was pretty decent to be fair, a paint made out of the coffee beans that actually works and smells of coffee, good for cafes and that to entice customers in with the smell (I know i’d go in). The idea of reusing coffee came from a guy who noticed oil separating from his coffee and decided to make it useful, he’s also in the video, look out for Arthur.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.24.48


I’ll definitely be thinking twice about throwing something away just because it’s past it’s sell by date, just think that back in the days they didn’t have a date stamped on things stopping them eating it so why do we do it now? And even if it is inedible it still has a use for something else as the video proves. I’m not preaching here as I haven’t got a leg to stand on when it comes to recycling etc. but it’s definitely worth a thought don’t you think?

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