How You Can Make Music in Minutes with Modern Tech

Today’s best tools and new production methods mean that it’s now possible for anyone to make music in minutes, with the potential to earn you some money on the side.

Use EDM Software

EDM software isn’t anything new. But if you want to cut together some great sounding music, software packages are your best bet these days. Working alone, you can stitch together guitar melody loops, basslines and hi-hats in no time. Options range from professional studio packages like Cubase to free-to-use learning suites such as Fruity Loops and Cakewalk. These programs have something to offer and can introduce you to industry-standard techniques. Additionally, most are compatible with hardware like drum machines and mixers.

Get iPhone and Android Apps

If you want to make music, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are several apps you can get for your mobile or tablet. As with image manipulation programs, music apps like GarageBand, FL Studio Mobile and the mobile version of Cubase, Cubasis, are excellent for making tunes on the go. With intuitive controls and recording software, you can make music on the fly for the first time whenever inspiration comes crashing in. Grammy award-winning artist Steve Lacey recorded an album on his phone, as does the up and coming icon, Qrion. 

Make Music in Minutes with AI

Almost 40% of companies use AI. Like the Matrix, you don’t even know it’s there, but it is, when you use a retail website or access your money, and AI is watching. But AI can be creative too. With AI’s advances over the past few years, it’s no surprise that AI can make music. And anything else really, such as news articles, poetry and novels. However, AI can help you quickly knock out a banging tune. Using cloud-based systems, music AIs like AIVA, Amper Music and Juke Deck can generate soundtracks for video games, theme tunes and genre-based music. 

Plug-In and Record Electronically

Advances in-home music technology are nothing short of amazing. Most instruments these days are compatible with software if you have the right equipment. Essentially, you can set up a studio in your bedroom for less than the price of a ten-year-old car. This takes the hassle and costs out of going to a studio, which is excellent when starting out and recording demos. Additionally, software like Cubase lets you record and cut samples you can then arrange into a production. With some practice, you could complete a demo album in no time.

Sample the Work of Others

If you need music in a hurry that you know will sound amazing, you could take a note out of the old school Hip Hop book and use samples. Many artists like Snoop Dogg, NWA and Tupac used samples when they couldn’t afford to hire entire production teams and talented musicians. However, unlike in the early days, you should be very careful about using samples that require royalties. While these are fine to use, you need express permission, or you will land in court for copyright infringement. Fortunately, you can get royalty-free music samples all over the web.


DM software packages are your best bet for making great-sounding music at home. But there are also apps you can get for your mobile phone and tablet for making music on the go.

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