Purchasing A Car For Your Teenager? Here’s What To Consider

Cars are top on the wishlists of many children immediately they ease into their teenage years, so you might have to purchase one for them sooner than later. It is reported that British parents spend about £3,400 on their child’s first car. If you’ve decided that purchasing a vehicle for your teen is the best thing to do, it is vital to consider all options before making the decision. This is because there are unique considerations for selecting a vehicle for a teen driver, and you need to carefully ponder over all of them. That said, here are four things to consider when buying a car for your teen.


One of the biggest debates about purchasing a vehicle for teens is how much to spend. Some parents prefer simple, practical cars that are decent for teens coming to terms with the intricacies of responsibility. On the other hand, others have little qualms about spending on a luxury vehicle with all the advanced features that their teen will appreciate. Therefore, how much you decide to spend is entirely up to you, but make up your mind quickly before heading to any dealership. You can visit accredited MG dealers to find an appropriate car for your teen that is an ideal blend of style, practicality, and affordability, so keep this in mind.


As per research from road safety charity Brake, 17 to 19-year-old drivers are involved in 9% of all severe and fatal crashes in the UK, despite only constituting 1.5% of driving licence holders–indeed, teens are more reckless drivers. Therefore, safety must be a top consideration when shopping for a vehicle for your teen. It is advisable to look out for cars with great safety features like anti-lock brakes, hands-free controls, and navigation systems. Also, comprehensive airbag protection, roadside assistance, and traction and stability control are other great safety features to prioritise. Many of these features are common in new cars, but you can find them on the crème de la crème of used cars.

Ownership costs

Insurance fees are undoubtedly the biggest ownership costs to consider when buying a car for your teen. However, fuel is also a major expense to consider, so it might be best to shop for a car that is very economical on fuel. Additionally, maintenance costs can be a huge drain on your limited resources because there will always be unexpected issues like a flat tire or a windshield wiper replacement. Therefore, it is always prudent to acquire vehicles without any major problems to save yourself a lot of money.

Setting expectations

Many experts agree that it is essential to set expectations with your teen before shopping for a vehicle or handing them the keys. Consequently, don’t just let them hop in the car and drive off to wherever they please. For starters, you can insist on a curfew to ensure that they aren’t driving at night and putting themselves in greater danger of crashing. Also, specify the number of friends they can have in the car and who is responsible for filling up the tank.

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