What Is the Difference between Vaping and Smoking?

Many people mistakenly believe that vaping and smoking are the exact same thing. However, other than having a similar look when they are exhaled, there are vast differences between vaping and smoking. Quite often vaporiser vapour is called “vape smoke” However that is totally incorrect and very misleading. To understand the reasons why there are […]

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Introduction to Vaping + Tips for Quitting Smoking

Vaping has been up and down recently. First, the NHS released their tips for helping with their ‘Stoptober’ campaign, stating that vaping can help you quite smoking. It was then released in the news that Vaping is actually worse for you than anything else, until recently it’s been announced their safe againĀ šŸ¤”Ā it’s hard to keep […]

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3 Small Changes You Can Make for a Healthier Lifestyle


Something a little different from me today. I’m no fitness expert (I do try) but I thought i’d write about a couple of things i’ve done recently to have a better lifestyle. I’m usually pretty terrible when it comes to things like thisĀ and I love a pint and a pizza as much as the next […]

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