Why Every Guy Should Own A Car

Per stereotype, men love cars. We are bonkers about cars. But is that really true? It can’t be true that all men love cars. In fact, it is highly likely that most men have an interest in cars but do not quite love cars. Putting that aside though, all men should own a car. There are a […]

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Best Cars to Match Your Personality

We, as humans, try to match material things like clothing, stationery and technology to our personalities. If we are a sharp, creative kind of personality we try to dress casually rather than in a suit. If we are professional with the high aims of ambition ahead of us, we dress to impress in a way that proves we […]

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Travel Diary: Barcelona, Spain (Part 1: The Sights)

Earlier this month, I couldn’t get over the fact that Summer was coming to an end, so we booked a long weekend in Barcelona after grabbing some cheap flights from Liverpool. It’s only a 2 hour flight and after getting the bug for travelling from earlier in the Summer, we couldn’t wait to get away. […]

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Top September Music Festivals to Celebrate the Last Days of Summer

september music festivals uk image

Even though most people are already in Autumn mode, Summer is not yet over and this week’s supposed heatwave is proof of that. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in some parts, it’s time to celebrate those last days of sunshine and what better way than a late summer music festival. Music festival season is my […]

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How to Survive Those Pesky 5 Weeks Until Payday

survive a long month until payday image

As many of us with a 9 until 5 job will know, sometimes your pay day falls at just the wrong time. Take the August Bank Holiday that’s just gone, I got paid early on the Friday and with their being 31 days in August it feels like ages until the next. So, as something a […]

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Travel Diary: Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

bay of kotor review image

Following on from my Budva post all about my recent travels this Summer, i’d like to show you the beautiful town of Kotor in Montenegro. After finding the local bus station hidden in-between what looked like some kind of bird zoo, we took the cheap trip up the coast to Kotor (about £7 each a ticket) […]

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3 Small Changes You Can Make for a Healthier Lifestyle


Something a little different from me today. I’m no fitness expert (I do try) but I thought i’d write about a couple of things i’ve done recently to have a better lifestyle. I’m usually pretty terrible when it comes to things like this and I love a pint and a pizza as much as the next […]

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Travel Diary: Budva, Montenegro

Recently me and my girlfriend took a week off and headed over to Budva in Montenegro. We didn’t know too much about the town or the country itself but the excitement began to build when we read it was one of Metro’s “9 European holiday destination ideas you might not have thought of“! It’s also […]

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Survive a Music Festival with this Essential Tech

music festival essentials image

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you’ll know i’m a bit music obsessed, and in particular music festivals. I’ve been going to festivals for about 8 years now (apart from the odd one with parents as a child) and seen all sorts of sights you can’t unsee. They’re becoming ever more popular […]

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Top Men’s Sunglasses Picks for Summer 2016

Men's Sunglasses summer 2016 - image - cascade of colour blog

As you may be aware by now, i’m 100% a Summer person and have been counting down the days until actual Summer since we had that half day of lukewarm sunshine the other week. I won’t lie I got a bit carried away as most of us Brits do, drinking outside, putting Summer mixes on… […]

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