Casual Weekend Shirts with Hawes & Curtis

As someone with quite a casual fashion taste, it’s a bit of a struggle when it comes to things like dressing up for meals out and family events, with not much choice to pick from in my wardrobe. My daily outfit choice usually consist of trainers, skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt styled out with light jacket, which can be pulled off for many occasions but there’s also the need to smarten up now and then.

I was recently lucky enough to try the Hawes & Curtis casual slim fit shirts, which come in a range of colours and checked patterns. Sticking to my plain theme, I went for the pale blue and white styles and I have to say they’re a great fit and the colour choice means I can wear these with a variety of outfits. I’ve always been picky with shirts and being 6 ft 2 I often find most shirts are a little short, even if the top and arms fit perfect. There is, however, the option in this collection to buy these longer which is great, and they’re tailored nicely for the taller man.


The quality of the shirts are what you expect from a brand originating from Jermyn Street in London, which is basically the place to go for Gentleman’s clothing and shoes. The quality is fantastic and irons well without reshaping. My personal choice I like the sleeves rolled up and tighter, which I found the shirts looked quite loose when rolled down, but that’s just my preference.

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One thing I did notice about the shirts, even thought they’re classed as ‘casual’, they could also be worn with a tailored fitted suit and wouldn’t look out of place (maybe in winter though as the material is quite thick). The finer details of the stitching and buttons gives these shirts a personal tailored touch and at 4 for £100 I certainly recommend Hawes & Curtis to you.

A bit more about the brand: Hawes & Curtis was founded by two accomplished outfitters, Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis in 1913. The brand now has stores, not only in London but Dubai, Germany and even an Australian website. It was also purchased by Dragons Den’s Touker Suleyman for £1 (mad right?) who has transformed it in to an internationally recognised brand since his takeover.

What’s your favourite brand for casual weekend shirts? Drop us a comment and let me know. Also check out the perfect men’s fragrance for date night.

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