How A Natural Palette Can Create An Inviting Home

Colours can change our overall mood with ease, and when you walk into your home space; it’s important that you feel relaxed and it’s a place you want to be. The majority of hues can be linked back to nature, and have the power to create an inviting and homely environment, where you enjoy spending time.



A green colour palette can bring freshness and life into any space. You don’t have to paint the walls and extreme emerald colour to infuse this lively shade. Softer, sage greens are calming additions to a wall space, and often look great in bedroom or bathrooms, where you need to relax. For a more modern take, mint green is a fresh twist on the colour and can be coupled with other pastel shades like pink, for a girly touch, or greys, for Miami vibes. Some more interior inspo can be found here.


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Browns and taupes live in the neutral colour palette, and are therefore straightforward, relaxing colours to introduce in any room. Wooden flooring gives a room a warm blank canvas, that can adapt and complement a huge range of other colours and patterns. Large pieces of furniture like a leather chesterfield sofa, or an oak dining table can be a strong, yet relaxed focal point to a space, enabling you to add texture and colour around them with ease. If you have beige walls, they are the perfect backdrop for a multitude of art and photography, and the colour offers a little more warmth than white does.



Whether it’s the shade of the bright sky or the deep hue of the sea, blue is seen as a tranquil shade, and will bring relaxed vibes into any room. A dark navy on a wall is a striking backdrop for metallic fixtures and crisp white linens, ensuring that if you’re brave enough, the room will be a wow factor in your home. If you prefer your walls a little lighter in colour, you can introduce hues of blue through soft furnishings and interior accessories, like frames and vases. There’s also the option of bringing genuine nature into your home with fresh flowers, such as hydrangeas or irises; to discover more types of beautiful blue flowers check out this list:



Soft pinks are a great way to bring a delicate touch to an interior space. Lighter hues of this colour are one step away from all the neutral shades discussed before, making them a straightforward palette to introduce into a room. Pink can complement a variety of colours, and sits successfully with greys, and, more surprisingly, with deep greens and blues (so you can bear that in mind when you’re buying your scatter cushions). If pastel shades aren’t your style, you could try a rich, hot pink for a vibrant and bold pop of colour on a bed or a sofa, Metallic hues like gold, brass, and copper look particularly striking next to fuchsia pinks.

When it comes to picking the perfect colours for your home, have a look outside, or try to think where you feel at your happiest and most relaxed; these will often be places full of the colours you should consider for your interior space.

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