Funding a Traveller’s Lifestyle: The Basics

A lot of people think that there is no hope of them ever travelling too far away from home, and it’s typically due to one particular problem: money. But no matter how dire your current finances, there is always a way, and in today’s brief guide we’re going to go through a few options and tactics you can use to make your travel dreams come true. Don’t let the simple issue of money get in the way of you seeing the world – because wherever there is a will, there really is a way. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.



First of all, if you really want to travel, you will find the money – it’s that simple. Ou will, however, need to make some sacrifices. Stop going out every night and put all the money you would usually spend in a savings account. Cut back on your Sky TV subscription, and cancel any services that you don’t use anymore. Get a cheaper smartphone and stop buying the top-of-the-range models which, let’s be honest, you don’t want to risk taking with you on a long and arduous journey. Unless you are very lucky or particularly wealthy, you will have to make these sacrifices – and much more – to fund your travel plans.


Another option is to work while you are away. Many charitable organisations will pay you board, meals, and lodgings if you do some work for them, and you can also consider building up a blog to take with you on the road, earning money through advertising. You can try things like English teaching, too – just invest in getting your TEFL course done first. And if you have the basics of a foreign language you can easily work in a coffee shop or a bar. In fact, if you are young, free and single, this could be your best option, as you will meet a whole bunch of great friends and have a wail of a time.


Financial basics

It’s also important to know your options when, inevitably, money runs out. Set up and emergency fund and give control over the account to your parents, who can transfer money over to you when you need it. And be aware of the charges your bank will force on you if you go overdrawn. We’ve covered the issues with surviving those tricky periods between paydays before on this blog, but when you are abroad, the problems can be even worse. A quick look over at New Horizon Loans shows you that borrowing around £100 for a single month will end up costing you £13. Now, if going over your overdraft costs you more than that, then it makes sense to go down the loan route – as long as you pay it back straight away on payday.

Focus on countries where your money goes a long way

Finally, a couple of decades ago you could go to certain foreign countries and live like a king on a small amount of money. Things are a little different these days, but there are still plenty of countries where your money can stretch a lot further than they do in others. Places like Europe and Australia are likely to be out of the picture, unfortunately. But much of Central and South America, as well as Southeast Asia, are relatively cheap to live if you avoid the major cities.

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