Make Your Home Look More Expensive for Less

We all want to have a beautiful home, the kind of home that you see in those glossy magazines, but most of us aren’t lucky enough to have the kind of budgets that the people who appear in Ideal Home seem to have. That shouldn’t, however, stop us from making the most of our space.


Here are some simple things you can do to make your home look more expensive for less:

A Neutral Canvas

The easiest way to make your home look more expensive is to start with a natural, neutral canvas. When you decorate with a neutral colour palette, your home immediately looks more sophisticated, and it makes it a lot easier to add in the accessories of your choice because everything goes with neutral.

Bring Out the Gold Leaf

If you have lots of mirrors and photo frames in your home, you can easily make the place look more stylish and more expensive by covering then with gold leaf. You can buy gold leaf very reasonably at craft shops and online and Amazon, and you need very little skill to add it to your existing accessories, for an immediate upgrade.

Invest in a Few Statement Pieces

You might not be able to fill the whole of your home with expensive furniture, priceless antiques, and impressive artworks, but you really don’t need to. Saving up and splurging on a couple of more expensive statement pieces. Like a Tiffany lamp or an attractive rug will lift the rest of the space, making it look more expensive even if everything else in the room was pretty affordable.

Give Minimalism a Go

The beauty of minimalism is it’s all about having less. To create a minimalist look, you need to create bold clean lines and you need to take all but the most important, or attractive stuff out of your house. This is good news when you’re trying to make your home look more expensive on a budget because you can simply eliminate everything that’s dragging your home down from the house, keeping only the furniture and accessories that are beautiful or functional and no one will question the sparsity of your home once they know you’re going for a minimalist look.


Change the Handles

Changing cheap handles on your doors, cupboards, and cabinets with architectural ironmongery pieces will instantly transform them, making them look more expensive, especially if you take the time to repaint the doors too.

Add Lots of Layers

Once you’ve got the basics like beds, sofas and dining tables into your home and you’re happy with them, you can make your rooms look more ‘together’; and more expensive by adding lots of simple layers to the space. For example, a bed that has only four pillows and a duvet will look pretty sad, but if you add a handful of decorative pillows, a sumptuous faux fur throw, and a runner, it’ll look like a boutique hotel bed. Sol, add rugs, candles, throws, curtains, and blankets to your rooms, and it’ll immediately look much more expensive.

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