“Lease” Of All! Making A Property That People Want To Rent

It’s a very common thing now, doing properties up to rent out, and it’s a lucrative way to make some money on the side, and the whole “buy to let” phenomenon has taken off. But there’s only one issue in this plan, everyone has the same idea as you! And while you don’t want to be spending all your money in doing up a property that could have potential little takers, how can you stand out in a difficult property market with a house that tenants want to rent more than the others?


Make More Space

The one thing that every person viewing a property will look for first, how much space is there? Everyone has their own specific living situation, be it children, partners, or they have the most amount of stuff ever accumulated by one person, and so you need to make sure that the space is as seemingly large as possible. There are little tricks, like placing a mirror up in a hallway to make it look longer and letting more light in. The other in the home that will swing the balance, much like prospective home buyers, is the kitchen. If you can make it into an open plan kitchen, you are going to have many takers.

Be Safe!

Safety means making it compliant with health and safety rules and regulations where you live, that means having the right materials set up, from safety equipment like fire extinguishers to smoke alarms and theft alarm systems. Appliance stores like Bryson Products Ltd have plenty of options for those that are setting up a home to be as safe as possible, including powder fire extinguishers, which needs to be in every home you rent out to tenants! As well as the equipment, you need to be sure that the property has enough escape routes, especially if your property is a first floor flat.


Spring For A Great Location

The one thing that is vital to encourage people to view your property is the location. Even if you have a property that isn’t as nice as many others on the market, if it is near to schools and train stations or bus stations, this will be prime for people depending on their commute to work or if they have a family. A desirable area will be more expensive for you when looking for a property to buy, but it is completely worth it based on the return on investment you could make.  

Make Sure It’s A Blank Canvas

With all the ways to decorate a place to rent out, you need to remember that people want to be able to add their own touches to it. So don’t overegg the pudding. Add a splash of colour and make it as appealing as possible, but they will have other ideas for what they want to do with the space. After all, it’s not you that’s going to be living in the property, so let them do what they want with the space, within reason of course!

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