The Next Big Thing in the Lighting Industry

So you’ve got the perfect colour scheme in your home, but now you want the perfect lighting to show up all those tones you have chosen? To create the perfect ambience in your home, there is so many lighting options to choose from yet floor lighting is one that is taking over the design world and creating a frenzy with many inspired home decorators. Have a look at some of the best ways to implement floor lighting in your home and be prepared to be inspired.


Outside balcony

Installing lights around the edges of the balcony can provide the perfect ambience when enjoying a glass of wine in the evening. Consider install a glass platform and have the lights under the platform to optimise the perfect lighting for your balcony area. Add an outdoor table setting on your balcony to ensure you can sit in comfort whilst enjoying your new outdoor lighting.


LED lights running up the sides of the hallway not only ensure you can always see where you are going but promise to provide an individualistic style to your home like no other. Websites such as provide a variety of products that will provide the perfect product to implement this design idea. Having the lights installed into the flooring in the hallway ensure yourself and house guests can always find their way around your house even on the darkest of nights. If you want a personalised space, add some distinguished artworks or family portraits. The lights will reflect onto the masterpieces and ensure they are still the feature in your hallways.


Bathroom renovations can often come at a hefty price, however places such as A1 bathrooms ( provide renovations at a decent price. Your bathroom is the first place you see in the morning, and often the ash place you see in the evenings. Due to this it is important to have a stylish and individualistic approach to bathroom renovations.  The best part about this company is that they will oversee the whole process, and recommend where to place the LED lights inside your dream shower and around the bathtub. Although they may not install the lights directly, they will be able to provide advice on the best place for them to be installed to ensure your bathroom is lit up in style, while adding a touch of style to the area.

Walk in Wardrobe

Installing lights in the aisles of your walk in wardrobe allow for the most stylish room in your house to become even more elegant than it was before. This feature ensures you will never have to wake up your sleeping partner ever again by removing the need to turn on the main lights when looking for the perfect outfit to wear. It’s a grate touch to any floorboards, but if you feel as though you can do better you may even want to install a glass flooring in your wardrobe and place the light fittings in a pattern.

There are so many things you can do with a glass flooring, and these ideas only just touch on a few of these ideas. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to motivate you into getting new light fittings.

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