Two Design Tips For When You’re On A Budget That Promise to Add Personality

When moving into a new home, there are lots of things that can be done to make it your own. Through designing your home and tailoring it to your taste you are adding an element of personality to your haven that is absent when you first move into a new home. Through adding a few simple touches, you can ensure your home is the envy of all of your guests, with the admiration of your sophisticated yet personalised design tactics.  Many people may choose to avoid redesigning when moving into a new home as they may believe it will be too expensive. However, redesigning does not necessarily mean you have to start all over again, and instead, there are some simple touches that can be added to your home that won’t cost too much. Have a look at some of the best design strategies to personalise your home, without breaking your budget.


Feature Wall

A touch of paint goes a long way when moving into a new home, especially if the existing walls are looking a bit dull and dreary. Adding a new layer of paint is a cost effective way of creating a new vibe in your home, and personalising your home to your taste. If you have an area in your home that you want to stand out, you could always create a feature wall of a different colour. This ensures it is the highlight of the room, and your guests will be impressed by the stylish look. If you are a bit more creative, you may even opt for painting a mural on the wall. Some design ideas could include a world map, classic art or even a family portrait. The best part about a mural is that it adds to the personality of your home and ensures it feels like it is your home. If you are renting your property, double check with your property management company to ensure it is ok to paint your walls.

Photo Wall

If you have an abundance of photo frames and you want to put them on display to ensure your loved ones can feel at home when visiting, a photo wall is a great way of showing your gratification to your family and friends, while also being stylish. Adding your photos leading up your stairwell can remind you of your most precious memories. If you don’t have a stair well in your home, adding the photo frames to a dull and boring wall can give it more character. Try to stick to the one colour scheme when selecting your frames, as an array of different colours may hurt the eyes.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect design tip for your home already. If not, these two tips may add an element of character to your home and provide you with a personalised sanctuary. Through a touch of paint you can refresh the feel of a room and add an inviting vibe to your home, and by adding a mural, you can provide your guests with a moment of appreciation when they enter your home.

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