The Ultimate Guide To Rustic Home Design

If there’s one type of home decor that you are unlikely to tire of, it’s rustic decor because it’s so wonderfully unique. Whether you live in the countryside or in the city, rustic-style decor is big right now. The fantastic thing about this type of interior design style, apart from the fact that you’re unlikely to tire of it anytime soon, is the fact that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a stylish space. From your bedroom to the kitchen, rustic decor can be used easily throughout your home.

To help you to seamlessly blend rustic decor into different areas of your home, below are some tips and ideas.


Incorporate wood

Rustic decor is all about the wood. If you want to give your home that authentic look and feel, you need to find various ways to incorporate wood into it. Whether that’s with a wooden headboard, driftwood shelving, wooden picture frames, timber beams from George Hill Timber, or a wooden wine and glasses holder, it doesn’t matter. You could even create a wooden feature wall in your lounge, bedroom, or kitchen. All that matters is that you find as many ways as possible to incorporate wood into your home. Ideally, you want the wood that you use to have an old and worn look to it, almost like driftwood, as this will add to the rustic vibe.

Utilise rope

For a home that has a traditional farmhouse look and feel to it, rope is a crucial element. Transform an old picture frame into a piece of rustic decor with some garden twine and a glue gun. Breath new life into an old lamp by wrapping rope around its base and swapping out the lamp shade for a new, more rustic one. You could even opt to create a rope rug.

Invest in stone features

What farmhouse is complete without some stone features incorporated into it? To give your kitchen a more traditional look, invest in a stone island, or if your budget won’t stretch that far, how about a stone splashback? Not keen on using stone for your splashback, how about using rounds of wood instead?


When it comes to selecting furniture for your home, to create a more rustic look and feel within any space, leather is the ideal material to use. From arm chairs and sofas to ottomans and headboards, leather is a truly versatile material that can work well throughout your home. As well as incorporating leather, consider investing in suede – this material can help to make any area of your home look and feel more rustic.

Faux fur

For rugs, faux fur rugs are ideal. For any areas of your home with hard floors, dotting soft, fluffy faux fur rugs around can add a little extra style. As well as incorporating faux fur rugs, how about investing in faux fur throws? These can help to make your home feel cosier and more inviting while adding to its rustic charm.

Dream of having a more rustic home? Yes – then the design ideas above are worth taking note of.

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