Dynamic Bedroom Decor & Design Choices

Nice, but it needs something extra…

The bedroom is an oft-overlooked room in the house when it comes to dynamic and interesting decor. That might be because it tends to only be seen by a small number of people, so few of us see the point in going all out. You save your creative eye for the areas everyone is going to see.

That’s a shame, given that the bedroom is your own private space to do whatever you want with. You might feel that you need a natural palette in the main areas of the house, but if you want bright orange walls in the bedroom, you can do it and few people will be any the wiser.

If you fancy turning the interest up through the bedroom, then you might want to take advantage of one of these ideas to do the job.

Ensuite Out Of Nowhere

You only need roughly a square meter of space to be able to create a small ensuite bathroom of a shower staff, toilet, and basin. It might be a tight fit, but if you’re tired of fighting for bathroom space with the rest of the house, it’s well worth considering.

You’ll need a builder and a plumber to do the job properly; this is definitely not one to DIY! If you don’t mind giving over a little bedroom space for a lot more convenience, then this is a really interesting way to go – the ensuite out of nowhere is a change that will stand the test of time and always be useful.

Four Walls Of A Different Colour

Struggling to choose your colour scheme for your bedroom? Then don’t choose – go with anything you like, with each wall a different colour. If you pick bright colours this can look particularly interesting, as well as potentially giving you a mood boost when you wake up in the morning.

If four walls is a bit much for you, then why not play with patterns and shapes in varying colours? It might be a “bit much” for a main living area, but done right, it can look fantastic in the bedroom as you…

… can see here.

Wall Of Storage

Storage is a problem for the vast majority of homes, as we tend to have more stuff than we do space to keep it in. One way bedroom design has evolved to deal with this is with the built-in wardrobe.

What if it wasn’t just a built-in wardrobe, though? Clothes storage is useful, but you still have other things that need their space. You could get in touch with a master of carpentry and joinery and work together to give over an entire wall to storage space. It could be squares, shelves, oblongs, or even geometric shapes you can prop photos in along an entire wall. It’s certainly different, and it’s certainly useful.

Raise The Bed

The idea of bunk beds and raised beds is usually something we leave in childhood, but that does beg the question of… why? Elevated beds are incredibly useful, giving you storage space that would have otherwise been dominated by the bed base. Stores like IKEA now offer larger beds that are raised, with plenty of room for a sofa or desk beneath. It’s worth shopping around and seeing what might work for you if you want to make the most of your space.

So why not do something different the next time you renovate your bedroom?

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