Slimming Shakes, do they work?

I don’t know about you, but as a bloke I never really think of trying things like slimming shakes or diet food as I feel I can just eat what I want and work it off in the gym. I was however, asked to try the Forza Supplements “Shake It Slim” meal replacement starter pack which comes in 3 different flavours; vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. At only 204 calories I was intrigued as to whether these would actually work and keep me from needing to snack. So do they?

The verdict: They actually do (if you want to stop snacking after the gym)

forza supplements image

I first tried the vanilla one and was honestly shocked by the flavour, a much stronger flavour than my vanilla protein I usually have. But the main thing is it did fill me up and I wasn’t needing to snack or didn’t need to eat for the full afternoon after drinking the shake. It’s high in protein so great for after the gym when i’m at my hungriest, and has over 22 vitamins and minerals (don’t know the deets but this can only be good).

I don’t know what it would be like if this is all you had every day but for the odd few days that I have had these I’ve been impressed. I don’t really like strawberry flavoured drinks but have been told this ones full of flavour too and the chocolate is what you would expect.

They’ve also just launched the “Stir It Slim” collection to coincide with these, in Caramel Latte and Hot Chocolate flavours. These are smaller hot drinks and taste exactly like the originals themselves (especially the hot choc) but with all the benefits of the shakes, 204 calories too.

So yeah, i’m impressed and definitely recommend trying these, it’s also opened up my mind to other ‘diet’ products and what they actually do and how they can help, after all, a lot of people are buying these things so they must work, there’s just so much choice to pick from.

What are your thoughts on products like this? Do you use them?

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6 thoughts on “Slimming Shakes, do they work?

    1. Thanks for your comment Jess, understood they don’t teach a healthy balanced diet and definitely agree you can’t have these everyday. These just help me on certain days when not enough time or been to the gym

  1. I don’t use slimming shakes myself, although it sounds like you’ve had good results with these ones. The flavours sound good too. I would be a bit worried about using them to replace a meal so I like that you are using them post gym and not as a meal replacement.

    1. Thanks for reading April. Yes completely agree I’d never use these in a meal sense and promoting a healthy diet is important. These do me wonders after the gym, i get so hungry usually!

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