New York Street Fashion: The Farfetch Getaway

I visited New York back in 2009 and was blown away by the place. My imagination of the city had been led astray by what i’d seen in movies and online and it’s always been that one place to visit on everyone’s bucket list. I was astounded by the height of the buildings, and seeing these famous landmarks. The one thing I did take back from my visit was the lifestyle and fashion of those who see it as their home.

New York city, and the surround areas, Brooklyn and Queens, in my eyes are the centre of street wear fashion. The amount of sneaker shops in the university area Greenwich was unbelievable and I just wish I had the knowledge and passion for it as I do now (the KITH store looks unreal, some serious money could be spent in there). A trip back to New York is definitely on the cards in the years to come…

Inspired by Farfetch’s What to Pack style hub, i’ve put together a style board of clothing and footwear i’d pack for a weekend away in New York City. The inspiration has come from the vibes and visualisation I got from the place when I visited, along with the streetwear fashion i’ve seen come out of it and influenced what I, and a lot of others, currently wear, the likes of oversized tees, block fonts and bright sneakers, take a look…



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