How Working Out Improves Productivity

We all want to be a little more motivated in the work that we do. To be more productive, giving it our best and feeling fully focused as we go through our working day. 

Working out, even more so with personal trainers, has been shown to help us unlock a new level of motivation and focus. 

Initially, you might be wondering how, if you expend a considerable chunk of energy on working out, you have more to use for work and the rest of your life. And that is a fair question! 

Exercise increases our energy capacity, so the more you work out, the more energy you have. 

Not working out means feeling sluggish because we don’t have any of those extra stores. So we don’t have the energy to do much outside of work.  

So let’s take a look at exercise and work – how does one improve the other?

Work performance is lowered when people are stuck in a chair behind a desk all day. Google, Nike, and a range of other employers have adopted in-house gyms, walking or standing desks. 

These small changes mean that the team is moving around more often and producing their best work. Going on the findings of studies, where physical activity improves productivity at work, it is safe to say that everyone should be moving more. 

Activities you can do to increase your productivity

Which activities have the most significant impact on productivity? 


Yoga teaches us to manage our breathing and be in the moment, which can help to lower stress levels. When our stress levels are lower, we can cope with our workload more effectively. 

Stress negatively impacts creativity, problem-solving, and concentration. 


Taking a walk for about 30 minutes per day can help us be more creative. When our brains aren’t focused on a specific task, we are free to link what we have learned and create new ideas. 

This is why it is often in the shower, or as we do tasks like washing up, we have our best ideas. 

One study found that after walking, we are more likely to have our best creative ideas.


There is something about lifting heavy weights and sweating that reduces a lot of frustration and stress. Weight lifting and strength training also give us a tremendous sense of satisfaction. 

As we see progress in our bodies, we will also notice a marked rise in determination in our minds. 

Striving to reach personal bests and improve week-on-week will filter through into our everyday life. To see results in work or while working out takes consistency and effort. The motivation and productivity from one will begin to feed into the other. 

The key to super-boosting your efforts is choosing an activity that you can enjoy and that fits your lifestyle

So next time you find that you are struggling with a creative project, or need to increase your output, book a session at the gym, go for a run with a friend or tackle some yoga stretches. 

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