Why Watching Sports on TV is Good For You – And You Should Do More of it!

Watching football on TV is good for you… it’s been proven…

Now we know that’s probably music to the ears of many fans out there, but it’s true – and the same goes for other sports too!


Why is watching sport on TV such a good thing?

Well, there are a number of factors – it brings people together, develops a sense of belonging – and it inspires.  It’s also a relaxing release at the end of a working week, or in the middle – whenever you need one.

So let’s look at this in more depth and examine these, and the many other benefits that TV sport viewing can bring.

Sports viewers are less lonely

Studies have shown that sports fans tend to be less lonely, and have higher self-esteem than others who aren’t.  It’s thought to be because of a “built-in connection” you have with people who support the same team, for example. 

This leads to improved your social interaction with others – whether you know them already or not.  If you meet someone for the first time or there’s a new colleague at work, perhaps, it means you instantly have something to talk about.  

And, even if they root for another team completely, it’s still an ice -breaker – just remember to tread carefully, of course!  However, just the enjoyment of sports in itself is unifying – and builds common ground – whatever the specifics.

It could help you find a new partner

It’s also been rumoured to be helpful in finding and securing a date – if you’re a single man that is, obviously!  

This has been suggested by a study carried out at Indiana University in the States, which returned some surprising findings.  It reported that, when someone’s team wins, they feel more confident and more attractive as a result. And that then helps attract people to them – including a potential new partner – which is great news!.  

It reduces your risk of depression

Yes, you might not feel great when your team loses – but apparently the long term effect of sports viewing is improved mental health. This is particularly true if you watch it with others, because the increased interaction helps build really strong bonds.  A healthy social life is such a crucial aspect of our wellbeing, after all, and this connection really can’t be overestimated. 

Sports psychologist Elizabeth Tindle agreed that watching sports socially helps prevent the sense of isolation that often precedes cases of depression. And, these days, even viewing a game by yourself can result in you being part of an online, social media community.

It gives your brain a workout

According to further studies, watching any kind of sport regularly can also improve your mental capacity.  And people who discuss it with friends or colleagues show improved neural connections related to linguistic ability and comprehension. 

Athletes themselves experience the same increase in brain activity; but it’s interesting to discover you can benefit just by being a viewer.

Of course watching games, races, etc also ensures your brain stays active; by being aware of the world.  You can become more knowledgeable generally about languages, places, cultures – .and important events.

Just watching sport could improve your physical wellbeing 

That could seem surprising – but then you remember how exhausting it feels to watch a particularly stressful game. 

A recent study found increased muscle activity during passive viewing is possible – as long as the content portrays physical activity.  

And, apparently, viewers merely watching fast-paced walkers experience increases in both their blood pressure and heart rate.. In related research it was found that these benefits could be enhanced by asking viewers to imagine themselves participating. 

Your relationship could become stronger

It could sound a bit strange – perhaps if your other half doesn’t like sports as much as you do, for example.  But if you’re lucky enough to be with someone who loves watching games with you – it really could improve your relationship.

Studies show that couples who do this are happier and more satisfied than others who are separated during those times. And, of course, it builds important bonds between you – and provides a shared sense of purpose.

Your improved wellbeing could help you live longer

That feels like a big claim, doesn’t it, but watching sports  really could make a difference – alongside other healthy choices. 

Eating well, being physically active and getting enough sleep and all essential to your wellbeing – obviously. But, as we said previously, the benefits of interacting with others and forming bonds, can’t be overestimated. 

Even the support you experience when your team loses can be positive – it shows people are really ‘there for you’ when it matters.  And it’s been proven time and again that things like that really count when it comes to your overall wellbeing.

Watching sports on TV makes you feel more alive 

As well as improving your feeling of wellbeing, watching sports on TV just makes you feel more alive, doesn’t it? 

It keeps your mind really active, it’s engaging, inspiring, exciting  – and most importantly, really good fun. And when you use pay by phone sportsbooks it just adds even more to your sense of pre match anticipation..

It’s been shown that analysing TV sports games exercises parts of your brain in the same way as a puzzle  And it gets your dopamine flowing – and adrenaline pumping – which is also makes you feel really energised.

It could inspire you to get active

Ok, watching sports can’t help you shed those extra pounds – but it can inspire you to move and start exercising more. Seeing other people being really active just makes you want to get up and do something too, doesn’t it? 

We think watching sports on TV is good for you in so many ways – and much of the research findings prove it.  So the next time someone accuses you of being lazy, tell them – everyone should really just do much more of it!

So, you never know, your football viewing could result in you becoming a big star yourself, one day.  Or, at the very least, encourage you to try out a new sport, take a trip to the gym, or just walk in to work.

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