Sports to Take On When You Have Limited Time

We all want to feel much fitter and healthier, but don’t have hours to spend in the local fitness center. No matter if you would like to start every day the right way and fully energised or need a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon, you will be able to practice mindfulness and improve your fitness levels in just 10-15 minutes a day. Below you will find a few sports you might want to try if you would like to improve your life.



One of the best things about Badminton is that it can be played anywhere. Walk down to the park and take your rackets with you. You don’t even need a net set up to enjoy your game. Badminton will help you improve your cardio, your reflexes, build your stamina, leg and arm muscles, while enhancing your flexibility. You will not even need a lot of equipment, just a simple sports shoe and shorts, and you are ready for the match any time you feel like moving about.


In case you would like to practice mindfulness and relaxation as well as improving your fitness level and health, you can take on yoga. Bear in mind that there are different versions of this exercise; some of them will give you more flexibility, while others, such as Vinyasa Yoga will be based on repetitive moves and cardio exercises. It is much more suitable for building shorter muscles and strength, while other forms will be suitable for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. Simply roll down your yoga mat, get some comfortable clothes, and follow the instruction of the video training.  


If you are thinking about taking on a new sport to improve your balance and confidence, Judo can be one of the best options. You can learn new ways of energising your body and improving your movements, while setting goals for yourself. Before you jump on board, however, you might want to check out relevant blogs and find out more about the basic rules and practical skills, such as Judo Info how to tie a karate belt, or diet and nutrition. There are plenty of online training sites available, so you can choose to train at home or in a studio.  

Tai Chi

Those looking to improve their skills, health, wellbeing, joint flexibility, and overall energy levels can also try Tai Chi. This ancient form of exercise and sport is great for middle-aged people who are looking for a light form of exercise without having to join a rigorous routine, You can find short introductory videos on how to breathe while completing the moves and how to improve your balance, so you can choose whether to take on the sport or not before joining your local martial arts club and attend a session every week.

When choosing your perfect regular exercise, you don’t only have to take into consideration your current fitness level, but also your free time. You don’t want to commit to a routine you can’t keep, and eventually give up your plans of getting fit.

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