10 Ways To Save On Car Insurance As A Young Driver

Insurance for young drivers can be difficult to find at a reasonable price. Younger drivers are viewed as a higher risk by many insurance companies, which means you might be paying out more than can really afford. Under 25s pay out the most on car insurance, but there are ways to save some money on your car insurance. 


  1. Shop around and compare deals. Use an insurance comparison site to find the best deal. Remember to check all kinds of insurance, and don’t assume that you can’t get affordable full cover insurance just because you’re young. 
  2. Add a responsible second driver. While your parents should be avoiding having you on their insurance, adding them onto yours could bring your costs down. Adding a proven, adult driver to your insurance as an occasional driver brings down your average risk, and therefore the costs. Choose the person with the best driving record who will agree to be added and will occasionally drive your car. Remember though, adding someone as the main driver who isn’t is insurance fraud and could get you into serious trouble. 
  3. Choose a sensible car. The model of car, particularly models popular with young drivers, can push up your premiums. Choose a sensible car, not the fanciest one you can afford, and check the insurance costs before you buy it. 
  4. Think security. Make sure you car has a decent alarm, and be sure you’re always parking the car somewhere safe. 
  5. Resist modifying your car. Many young drivers add all sorts of changes to their cars, but they can invalidate your insurance. If you do make any changes,or have bought a car that was already modified, make sure you tell your insurance company. 
  6. If you’re unemployed, you could see a huge hike in your insurance costs. However, if you’re not actively seeking working or receiving any benefits for job seekers, you could class yourself as a homemaker, or house wife/husband and could find that your insurance doesn’t climb as high as it would than if you were simply out of work. 
  7. Always be entirely honest and keep your insurance up to date. If you’re caught lying on your insurance, your coverage will be invalid and you could get into real trouble. If your circumstances change, like a new address or job, make sure you update your insurance immediately so your insurance keeps covering you. 
  8. Don’t auto-renew. Letting your insurance auto-renew means your provider can quietly hike up the costs with none of the deals offered to new customers. Each time your insurance is due to expire, shop around for the best deal again, and use it as a bargaining chip with your current provider to get a better deal. 
  9. Consider multi-car cover. Still living at home? Encourage your parents to look into a multi-car policy to cover all the cars owned in the household. There can be some huge savings in insuring this way. 
  10. Consider specialist policies for young drivers. Some insurers offer services that better suit newer drivers. If you’re a responsible driver, consider a policy that rewards you for that, such as one that fits a black box in your car to track your driving behaviour. Only do this if you’re sure you’re good enough to get the rewards and not end up paying more. 

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