3 Must Have Travel Accessories for 2019

If you are planning a far flung adventure this year, the chances are you have been spending months planning and honing your trip. You might have your flights booked, your train schedule pencilled in, excursions planned, money changed and visas sorted. However, you also need to think about the finer details, namely the sort of gear that you are going to be taking with you. Clothes, footwear and a backpack is one thing but what about the more niche pieces of kit that you cannot live without. Take a look at these three travel accessories that you shouldn’t be without if you are planning on going travelling in 2019.


Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Ok, so this might not be the most high-tech travel gadget in the world, but it’s definitely the sort of accessory that, once you own it, you’ll never not take it with you on a trip ever again. Travel pillows can range from the distinctly average to the super comfy. An ergonomic travel pillow goes one step further by morphing into shapes that make it impossible for your head to slip forward waking you up and preventing you from getting that much needed shut eye on a plane or train. For only a handful of pounds you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can hunker down while travelling to destinations and you will wake up at your stop refreshed and ready to go.

Phone Accessories

Don’t try to be a martyr and refuse to take your phone with you. This can make your trip isolating at best or dangerous at worst. Instead, consider how to customise your phone ready for your trip. Nifty cases from kk designs can have your phone protected and looking cool while travelling. If you play a lot of games on your smartphone, consider getting a sound bender that you clip onto your phone to bend the sound towards you. This means you won’t annoy any native commuters when you’re playing Bejeweled in the morning rush hour.

If you are thinking of heading off the beaten track a little, ensure that your GPS has the most recent update and that it works. Alternatively, you might want to pick up a separate GPS unit. These are cheap and can save you from a life or death situation. If your planning nothing more than a trip to the Caribbean in an all inclusive resort, you probably won’t need this!

Travel Door Alarm

For those individuals planning to hot foot it to a backpackers paradise, you might be surprised at just how crime-ridden some of these areas can be. Pickpockets and thieves are prominent in many built up areas, so if you’re heading to Bangkok, Delhi or Cambodia, it might be worth picking up a small travel door alarm. Fitted onto the inside of your hotel or hostel door, a piercing screech will notify you if anyone tries to enter your room while you’re sleeping. While you won’t catch the would-be thief, the sound will be enough to make them retreat and leave your stuff well alone. Travel kit geared towards safety is key for you to get the most out of your adventure.

Travelling is one of the finest experiences you will ever have in your life. Add some of these accessories to your travel shopping list to make your jaunt even more fulfilling.

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