Summer Fashion Wish List: Favourite Brands

As many of you might know, or any new readers interested, I started off Cascade of Colour as a fashion blog to share and document my favourite clothing brands, mainly t-shirts! Over the years though, I’ve stumbled upon a whole load of brand, both independent and mainstream (i’m no fashion snob) and have caught an eye for good design.

Summer is my favourite season, everything from after-work beer gardens, music festivals and Sunday walks (ending in a beer garden too), the good weather just makes every event better. So, it’s time to start creating that summer playlist and getting your wardrobe ready for the longer evenings and cloud-less days.

Anyway, I thought i’d run through a few of my favourite brands that are absolutely smashing it at the moment. What are your favourite brands out there, either independent or mainstream I’m not too bothered. Let me know…

Monokel Eyewear

It’s only right to start a summer fashion wish-list off with sunglasses, and with so many brands out there copying each other it’s often hard to find something worth shouting about. My favourite brand of eyewear out there at the moment though, is Monokel Eyewear.

They hand make a variety of shapes for both male and females, with over 10 different model types, so there’s a great selection of styles to choose from for all face shapes. They’re based in Stockholm so you can get an idea of the simplistic but effective design that comes from these. Each style takes over 3 months to handcraft so you get what you pay for on this occasion. My personal favourite is the Nelson style, which comes in black, amber, grey, green and more.

Carrots by Anwar Carrots

I stumbled upon this brand on the Urban Industry site and has to check out more. Upon entering their site, you’re hit with the bright colours of orange, yellow and blue, which go perfectly in summer.

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They have a wide range of short and long sleeve t-shirts, light summer jackets and hats. My personal favourite are the tees, in particular the ‘wordmark’ style, which shows the brand name in a unique fashion, and the ‘carrot juice’ tee which features an eye-catching graphic on the back, with logo on the front in small.

Hailing from the US, since 2015, this collection looks great in the summer and don’t be too scared to go for the bright colours.


Ellesse has been leading the way for a while now when it comes to retro streetwear brands, and has brought a surge of other brands following in it’s footsteps with new lines (i’m looking at you Champion and Fila).

For summer though, i’m particularly looking at the wide range of light jackets they have on offer, perfectly for those rainy music festivals, each featuring the obvious Ellesse logo in either large or small.

My personal favourites are the zip hoodies, which look great with either jeans or shorts, and the ‘sortoni’ jackets for those rainier occasions (let’s be fair it’s bound to happen). Ellesse was founded in Italy in 1959 so you know you’re getting a good quality product when purchasing.

What’s your top brands for the summer season? Are you more interested in independent brands or just looking at good design and going from there? Either way, there’s loads of great brands out there about to release their summer season collection so get involved and look the part as the weather gets better. Let me know your top tips for summer fashion in the comments below…

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