Spring Fashion Essentials: What to Wear?

It’s actually Spring, I never thought i’d see the day with the constant snow, wind and ‘beat from the east’ pretty much ruining everything, and definitely ruining my fashion. I’d a whole load of products purchased ready to go for those first glimpses of warm sun (wishful thinking here) and any sort of day without rain.

With that in mind, and the weather changing for the better finally, I’ve put together a little post of Spring fashion essentials, the best products to wear without going full on summer mode (it’s too early for shorts and flip flops, I feel some people need telling). Anyway, here we go.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets, along with Harrington Jackets, are a great way of keeping warm in Spring, without the heaviness of a full on rain coat. They can be styled out with either a plain light colour t-shirt in the day and shirt at night. I’m not talking the varsity style ones, just a dark coloured black or navy with white t-shirt, or beige with a black or dark green t-shirt looks the part.

Skateboarder at beach

There’s a great selection of bomber jackets for men out there in the high street at a reasonable price, if you style it out with a more luxury high end t-shirt or shirt & trainers, a lower priced bomber jacket fits in nicely.

Casual Shirts

The good thing about casual shirts, especially in the evening, is that you can look stylish but keep reasonably warm without the need for another layer. Great for day drinking or a night out, styled out with a dark pair of jeans (black usually works nicely) and desert boots.

I tend to go for a light coloured shirt, usually white, pale blue or green, and some of my favourite fits are from Farah (i’m 6 foot 2 so it’s often hard to find one that fits both arms and length).


Let’s be fair, you don’t really want to be traipsing about when the weather is nicer, in a big pair of heavy shoes so trainers are the way forward, great with the bomber jacket/t-shirt look too.

Fashion african man in black jacket walking in city

I tend to check out sites like The Sole Supplier for the latest drops, with my personal favourites being the Nike Air Max collection or Adidas Ultra Boosts (including NMD), which can look great without socks and rolled up, light-coloured jeans.

What’s your top picks for Spring? Let us know in the comments below and check out my other posts on male fashion. Head here to find out my summer brands.

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