Brand Spotlight: Mennace

If there’s one thing I love here at Cascade of Colour, it’s finding new independent streetwear labels (along with finding new music of course), and I recently stumbled upon Mennace.

Launched in September 2017, it’s pretty fresh on the scene, but their range of high quality products makes them look like an established brand that’s been going for years, and winning. There’s a whole load of products on the site, including sweatshirts, jackets, tees, knitwear, tracksuits and more. I recently acquired a couple of tees and a sweatshirt from the brand and i’m very impressed with the quality and style.

Photo 02-04-2018, 13 23 42

I copped their grey signature sweatshirt, featuring the small but effective design of the logo, placed central which makes it look great under a light jacket or bomber. 100% cotton and crew neck, after a few washes it hasn’t lost shape or quality. I’ve actually had a few people ask what brand it is once wearing so that’s always a sign of a good product. A nice little touch too, upon ordering, Mennace got in touch to warn me the sizes are a little larger then usual products, which not many brands would do, that’s the good thing about shopping independently.

The two tees I acquired are a good fit too, especially the cougar printed tee, which is more my style than some of the other ‘oversized’ fits. Mennace are definitely a brand I recommend checking out, and one i’ll be purchasing from in the future too. Check them out on Twitter to get an idea of where their ideas come from, launches and special offers. If you want to see more brands, check out my men’s fashion posts. Are you interested in finding out more brands? These are my top brands for summer.

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