Can You Style This Look?

If you’re someone who can pull of absolutely every look there is, then you’re a lucky person. Some people just have that look about them, and everything they put on looks good, no matter how outlandish it might be. But you might surprise yourself with how many styles you can actually pull off. For one, you’ve got styles such as casual, evening wear, sport wear etc. All of which are in fashion constantly, and all of which are surprisingly easy for males to pull off. So don’t doubt yourself, see if you can pull off these looks!


The Smart Look

Just because you’re dressing smart, it doesn’t mean you have to be going out anywhere. Smart is the new casual in men, and people are finding it more attractive to see a well dressed man now. So, let’s start from the top. If you wear glasses, the style of glasses that you wear is essential. For males and the typical features males usually have, the square shaped glasses are usually more popular. You can learn all about mens glasses and the shapes and sizes they come in through that link. But glasses are a pinnacle statement to the smart look. We then recommend you get yourself a smart jumper. If you’re a bit younger, something like stone island or Armani might be more your style. For the older man, Ted Baker and other such designers are great. Then for the jeans, you want to go skinny, but not too skinny. Dark colours, preferably black or dark blue are a must. Finish the look off with some suede boots, and you’ve got the smart look locked down!

The Casual Look

The casual look is somewhat easier to master, but casual can sometimes become a little sloppy. So, the first bit of advice that we have for you is to make sure you’re sticking to skinny jeans. They look so much better than ones that are baggy, and sort of give a bit of a smart edge to the casual look. For the top, a nice polo will look great, or you could go for a muscle fit t-shirt if you want to show off your features. A nice pair of trainers is perfect for the casual look. Nike Air Max 97’s look really good, and some of their new designs that have come out are ones that we know you will love. Finish the look off with a casual jacket, but not a sports one, and you’re ready for a nice day out!

The Evening Look

For the evening look, follow the same principle as the smart look. You want to go skinny jeans, but black this time. A short or long sleeved top will look fine, but preferably a short sleeved one as they look better put together with jeans. Suede boots are essential, a dark navy or black will be fine. You can either finish the look off with a blazer, or a smart evening wear jacket.

So, which of these styles do you think you would be able to pull off the most?

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