Just for fun: Try and Find the Fiat 500 in Less than 2 minutes

Fiat 500’s are all over British roads, in fact there’s three in my car park alone, so you’d think it’d be pretty easy to spot one right? Well this little brainteaser thinks differently. It got sent over to me by Vehicle Leasing Specialist, Fulton Leasing, who told me most people can’t find the Fiat 500 in under 2 minutes. So I gave it a go and it actually took me over 3 minutes… I’ve never been that good at these things. Let me know in the comments below how long it takes you to find it.


So where did the idea come from? Well the image itself is representing British roads. The car is stuck in traffic, reflecting the struggles we go through everyday. And why a Fiat 500? It’s become an unmistakeable vehicle in our country, with routes from Italy. Even though there’s loads of them, I actually think the Fiat 500 is a nice, stylish car, but I am a fan of Italian cars as I own an Alfa Romeo myself.

Are you looking for more brainteasers? Well they’ve put together 3 others from unmistakeable British vehicles, such as the van, a mini and Ford pickup. Try and find them in the images below…




Took me absolutely ages to find the Mini I won’t lie, so you’ll probably do better than me. Anyway, it’s a bit of fun so let me know how you do in the comments below.

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