The Ultimate Guide To Getting Free Coffee And Tea

If there is one thing that Brits are sure of, it is that drinking a cup of tea will make everything just a little better.  That is why one of the most popular freebies that people will return to over and over again is a free cup of tea or coffee!

We have searched through all of the best places for scoring free brews, so sit back and get ready for the ultimate list of free teas and coffees. If you are a fan of freebies and want constant updates on how to get free tea and coffee subscribe to WOW FreeStuff newsletter to ensure that you don’t miss out on any free hot beverages in the future (along with other incredible freebies). 


Why are free teas and coffees given away by some places?

Picking up a free coffee or tree might sound too good to be true.  However, there are very good reasons why companies do this!

  1.  Introducing you to products

Companies would like you to try out their tea or coffee brands and fall in love with them.  They hope that if you do like them, that in the future you will buy them again.

A majority of individuals will try any free product, so sampling free coffee and tea is an excellent way for brands to get their products introduced to new customers.  

Since there are many different brands, coffee shops, and tea companies out there, it means that companies have to think of creative ways to get you to try their products out instead of another brand’s.

  1. To make you come loyal to their store

If free coffee or tea is being given away by a supermarket, then you will be more inclined to want to shop there.  When coffee or tee is offered as a perk, they are trying to entice you to spend your money in their store, since you are getting something extra from them.

Make the most from your supermarket shopping by claiming your free cups of coffee or tea – you definitely deserve it!

How do I get my free coffee or tea?

The method for receiving free coffee or tea will vary from one place to the next.  However, signing up to get a loyalty card is one of the most common ways.

IKEA, John Lewis, Waitrose,and other places offer free coffee and tea as part of their membership loyalty bonus. All you need to do is sign up to get a card and then you can collect your coffee and tea as you want.

Continue reading to find all of the places located in the UK where you can get hot drinks for free!  

Coffee chains like Costa and Starbucks as well as chain restaurants such as Giraffe, will frequently make announcements on their social media pages of free drink giveaways.  

So follow your favourites on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and watch for posts announcing freebies.

Tea companies, such as Redbush, Birchall, and Twinings, send free samples out on a regular basis of their teabags, to allow you to test their flavour before buying them.  

Check out all of the free team samples that are available currently.

Where can I get free coffee or tea right now?

Talking about all of this tea might have your mouth watering, so without any further ado, the following is our ultimate list of the places in the UK where you can get yourself hot beverages:


Sign up for the myWaitrose loyalty scheme.  You will be given a card and can start receiving free hot drinks.  

You do need to purchase something in the store to get a cup, however, there isn’t any price limit in terms of what you need to buy.

You can select from hot chocolate, cappuccino, latte, americano, or tea – the choice is yours.  

Sign up today for your free hot drinks from Waitrose.

John Lewis

The freebie here is twice as exciting.  You are given a free slice of cake along with your free hot beverage! Yummy.  

Sing up for the membership programme called My John Lewis and you will receive a voucher three times a year at least for free cake and hot drink at the John Lewis cafe. Ideal for re-fueling after shopping all day.

My John Lewis will help you maximise your shopping experience as you can collect surprise treats, gain rewards and collect points.

When you sign up today you can receive the My John Lewis card in 2 weeks or less.  


A favourite homeware store for families, IKEA has gotten in on the fun of offering free hot drinks.  Become an IKEA Family member and enjoy free cups of coffee or tea anytime you visit one of the stores during the week.

Anyone who visits IKEA experiences stress at some point, so a free cup is the ideal way to reduce your stress.  IKEA Family Members can also enjoy many extra benefits, which include free product insurance, another 10%off on sales items, discounted family rates, and much more.  

Sign up today for free!  


This one is good.  Claim your large hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and a pain au chocolat or croissant for free, simply by registering online for a PAUL loyalty card.

If you haven’t had breakfast at PAUL’s before, then you are definitely in for a nice treat. Get your morning kick started in the right way by enjoying a free and delicious Parisian Breakfast before midday at any PAUL store.   


This is everybody’s favourite snack place on high street.  It is also great for grabbing a free hot beverage. Sign up and install the Greggs Reward app  to claim your free Welcome Hot Beverage – tasty!

It is a very user-friendly app, so even those who are not really tech-savvy can claim yours today.  Download the app and get registered Then swipe over the rewards section until you see the free hot beverage that is available to you.


If you reside in the North-West area, then you get get regular free hot drinks inside the Booths store. This is the ideal post-shopping refreshment!

In addition to your free coffee or tea, get weekend newspaper discounts, discounts on Afternoon Tea For Two, and electronic receipts for tracking your spending.  Get started by picking up a temporary card at the store today.


Here is one for London residents.  Sign up for the newsletter to get a free coffee at Benugo.   

Benugo has restaurants and cafes in some of the most beautiful spots in London, including the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and Regent’s Park. Sign up the next time you happen to be in the Big Smoke.

Hot tip: the free coffee voucher is valid for only a month from the date that you apply for it so consider that when making plans for your next outing.  

Costa (Wuntu)

If you have Three, then you probably know already about all of the extra benefits and great freebie you receive with Wuntu, their rewards app.

Wuntu frequently partners with Costa to give uses free hot beverages so make sure to keep an eye on the app for upcoming freebies.

Caffè Nero (O2 Priority)

Customers of 02 Priority know home much joy Tuesdays can bring.

When you have 02 you can get a free hot beverage every Tuesday at Caffe Nero, and get loyalty Nero stamps as well.

This is the ideal pick-me-up for mid-week!

So there you go, all of the places and ways to score free cups of tea and coffee.

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