5 Free Things to Do This Summer

Summer is incredible. It’s hot, you can go out without a coat, it’s comfortable, you don’t need to pay for a tan, and you can spend all of your free time outdoors. But, it can also be very expensive. Especially if your family or work commitments mean that you are tied down to going away during peak times. Summer holidays are ridiculously expensive. Even a short break can end up costing thousands. The urge to spend all of your days chilling in beer gardens might be strong, but it can also get very expensive, and even the odd gin and tonic in your garden can start to add up.

Summer is a time of festivals and events all over the world. But, the costs of travel and tickets as well as spending money and eating and drinking while you are away can soon become extortionate. Summer is fantastic, but it can easily break the bank.

However, it doesn’t have to. Sure, you can get help from www.personalloan.co, but you can also do plenty without spending a penny.

Go for a Walk


When was the last time that you just went for a walk? When you weren’t walking to get anywhere, but walking itself was the activity? It’s one of the many things that aren’t quite as enjoyable in the colder weather, so make the most of the chance.

Put on some comfortable shoes, strap on your Fitbit, pack a picnic and some water and head out for a walk. Find a local park or scenic area that you’ve never explored before and go for a long walk, taking photographs, getting some exercise and taking the time to take in the sights. It’ll do you good, improve your mood and won’t cost anything.

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking can cost money. There are strawberry fields that will charge you to pick your own from their crop. But, it doesn’t have to. Go foraging around the local countryside for berries, seeds and other fruit then head home to try a new recipe with your loot. Just make sure they are free to pick, safe and that you wash them carefully before using or eating them.

If you’ve got a garden, you might even want to have a go at growing your own using stones and seeds that you collect.

Read a Book

Many of us read much less as we get older. We’re always busy, and it’s easy to forget what pleasure reading can bring. Get some new books out of your local library and either lie in your garden or in the park reading.

Get Sporty


We don’t play much as adults either. Unless you’ve continued a sport or enjoy running, you might not have played outside for a long time. Head out for a kick about with friends, go for a run around the park or try something new like volleyball.

Try Geocaching

Geocaching is having a bit of a surge in popularity thanks to the addition of a geocaching app. Sign up, and head out searching for things. It’s free, and you might find something really great. Find the app at https://www.geocaching.com/play/mobile.

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