How to Be a Successful Student without Scrimping and Saving

If you are new to student life you might have realised by now that money can sometimes be a big issue. You are suddenly thrown into a new place, surrounded by fresh faces and you are continually searching for new ways to fit in. You long for a place to find free coffee and tea so that you can keep your eyes open during your 9am lectures without forking our almost a fiver for a fancy Starbucks. Getting through your three, four or even five years of university without getting into debt is going to be extremely difficult, but it can be done. Equally you don’t want to be thinking about money constantly when you are supposed to be having fun. Check out these awesome ideas to help you take smart student living to the next level.


Get a Credit Card

One of the best things you could possibly do before you start uni is taking out a credit card. Your bank balance is often going to run low and you always need that extra bit of security to get you through the year. Take a look at this website,, where you will see all the different types of credit cards for students. Choose the best option for you and you will never feel stuck for cash again. Remember that you will always have to pay it back in the end, so don’t go too mad with the spending!

Opt for Mid-Week Socials

University is clearly a hugely social place where you are going to be invited to events left, right and centre. Whenever possible try and choose an obscure day of the week to go out drinking and partying. The best deals are often on a Monday or Wednesday, so find the cheapest time to head to your favourite bar.

Plan Ahead When Possible

If you and your friends want to head out for the evening then try to create a rough plan if you can. Create a budget that actually works and you will be more likely to stick to it. If you plan your evening out beforehand you will know roughly how much money you need, instead of guessing and spending too much.

Learn to Say No Sometimes

If you are really struggling for cash it is absolutely fine to say no sometimes. Staying at home, watching your favourite film and catching up with your workload is a completely normal thing to do. Use your better judgement and simply do what you think is right in these types of situations.

You can feel under a tonne of pressure to conform to what everybody else is doing whilst you’re at uni. You are super keen to impress everyone and make friends, but your bank balance shouldn’t have to suffer as a result. If you take these ideas on board you will soon be a lot closer to financial freedom and a happy student life. Sort out your credit card options, choose your social events wisely and get planning!

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