3 Important Elements For Engaging Video Content

Did you know that most engaging videos share certain elements in common? Each of these elements has a part to play in making videos more engaging by enabling them to retain more viewers and encourage those viewers to react to the video.

If you want to create engaging video content of your own, identifying these elements and understanding the part they play can definitely help:


  • Video duration

One of your goals should be to keep viewers watching to the end of your videos – which is why the video duration is an important element. The longer a video the less likely you are to retain viewers, whereas shorter videos have much better odds of doing so.

The ‘sweet spot’ for the duration of videos can vary depending on the target demographic, platform, and other factors. Still as a rule short videos that are direct and tightly-focused are preferable.

  • Emotions

When viewers feel surprised, tickled, happy, or inspired as they watch a video, they are more likely to continue watching and then react to that video. That is what makes emotions such a key element for engaging video content, and one that you should attempt to use – despite how difficult it can be.

For viewers to feel an emotional reaction as they watch your video content, they need to be invested in it in some way – either in a character within the video, its topic, or the story that is being told.

  • Visuals

Generally videos are regarded as the most engaging type of content because they visually deliver information in a unique way. As such it should come as no surprise that the visuals of the video itself are an important element to take into account.

The power that visuals exert is the main reason why you should always try to ‘show’ the message that you want to put across instead of just telling viewers what it is. Additionally using design techniques to make the visuals more interesting can help engage viewers as well.

As you can see each of these elements has a role to play and if properly utilised could help you to create video content that is far more engaging. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees however, and lots of other factors can also determine whether or not your videos engage viewers.

One easy way to start creating engaging videos is to use Movavi Slideshow Maker to come up with impressive slideshows. It is an intuitive photo slideshow maker for PC that you can use to compile images into slideshows and add other audiovisual elements such as background music, captions, animated transitions, and more. Because of how easy it is to use, you could even come up with a simple yet engaging video in a matter of minutes.

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