When The Gadgets Do The Hard Job At Home

Who doesn’t love a good gadget that makes your life easier and smoother? If there’s one thing everybody knows about the millennial state of living is that more gadgets are always better! But who can blame Millennials for their tech savviness? Just as Lady Gaga would say, Baby, I was born this way. And here’s the truth: Millennials grew up in an environment of digital and technological revolution. As a result, they have made innovative solutions a part of their lifestyle. If there’s a click, a tool or an app to sort out a problem, you can be sure to find it in a millennial household.


The gadgets that bring health into your life

A millennial lifestyle is extremely health-focused. In fact, compared to the previous generations, Millennials are more concern about developing healthy habits, from their diet to their fitness regime. As a result, it’s not unlikely to find an activity tracker in a millennial household. These are a daily occurrence, whether you’re an addictive gym-goer or an occasional jogger. But there’s another type of health gadgets that is used not to encourage you to do something positive but to stop you from doing something harmful, such as the increase in vapes using Twelve Monkeys e liquid flavours or any other big brand for a sweet taste. You can also find apps that help you to stay on the healthy path, such as I Quit Sugar for example.

The gadgets that do all the cooking for you

It’s not that Millennials don’t cook. They actually cook more than the previous generation. But they prefer to do it with style, by using a smart sensing pan that you can control via an app for the perfectly cooked meal. Or, to rush out the house in the morning and still have a nice breakfast, they use a heated butter knife, which just melts the edge of a block of butter from the fridge. Buttered toast anyone?

The gadgets that make sleeping comfortable

There’s nothing like relaxing in bed. And that’s because Millennials value their sleep that they’ve chosen to work with a smart heating system they can control directly from their smartphones. Is the bedroom too cold? You just need a click to adjust the temperature. Do you want to dim the lights as you read a book in bed? No problem, it’s another app and another click. In other words, a millennial house lets you create the perfect sleep environment with the right temperature and the right lighting.

Ordering your Christmas shopping

Finally, the best gadget for the end: a voice-controlled assistant you can talk to in the comfort of your own home. It’s not a Jeeves and Wooster kind of butler, but it’s the latest Amazon Echo or Google Home innovations – take your pick, the opinions are still divided on this one. However, for now, Amazon is providing a better deal as you can directly order your shopping from the retail giant just by speaking to the voice assistant. That’ll be Amazon 1, Google 0 for now.

From fitness gadgets to voice-control system, what’s in your millennial home?

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