Smart Gadgets That Make Life That Bit Easier

If you’re a gamer or simply love a good shortcut, then you’d love the idea of using real life cheat codes to make life easier for you. The world is geared towards making things easy and with the evolution of technology, it’s far easier to get around in the world now than it used to be. There are more cars on the roads now than there were fifty years ago. There are gadgets made by talented engineers that make everything from raising a baby to cooking a meal easier. These hacks aren’t a product of laziness, but a product of realising that things could be so much easier as long as we try hard!

Life hacks improve the way we can get things done. There’s a reason that mobility aids are so popular on the market for the over 50s, and that’s because being able to be independent in life is something that is valued greatly by everyone. So, in the spirit of ease, we’ve put together a list of some of the best gadgets available that can make everyday tasks so much easier on you. You never know, you could read something entirely new that could change your life!


Remote Control Mop. Cleaning is probably the biggest chore around and it’s rare to find anyone who actually likes to do it. Being able to make life more efficient – and fun – is an absolute must, so engineers have come up with this genius idea. It’s a great way to help yourself if you’re stuck on bedrest or are recovering from an injury and need to get the housework done.

Smart Sensing Pan. There are some who have a natural ability for cooking and others who need a little help. When you link cooking and apps, you get this amazing pan, which can relay the temperature that it senses back to your smartphone once the food touches the pan. Your app can tell the pan to adjust the cooking time and temperature – nifty!

Heated Butter Knife. Have you ever taken the block of butter out of the refrigerator and spent time hacking at the block to get the butter off? With a heated butter knife, you can avoid making a mess of the butter block you’ve spent money on and make life so much easier for yourself.

AquaNotes. Do you find yourself getting clever ideas in the bath or shower? Some people find themselves in their most creative state while getting scrubbed, and AquaNotes allow you to jot down those ideas without the water ruining the pages.

Compartment Pan. There’s nothing more annoying or time-consuming in the way washing up is, and the Compartment Pan gives you a chance to cook more than one food item without washing up several pans afterwards. This is the perfect gadget when cooking for one!

Herb Scissors. When your hands are starting to fail you, you need a little help. Herb Scissors cut the time and the difficulty of chopping up herbs and is a very handy timesaver.

Sure, you may not need these gadgets, but why not make life easier for yourself while you still can?

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