Up Your Brain Game: The Best Sports to Boost your Mind and Body

I love sports for a lot of different reasons; besides from being a fun and sociable way of exercising, certain games can actually make you even smarter. The days of training your brain separately from your body are long gone, and practicing sudoku or solving crosswords to stimulate your brain may be less advantageous than a regular game of table tennis with your best mate.


Here are the best sports for our brain, making it easy to stay fit and smart while you’re on the move.

Team sports for leadership qualities

If you prefer a game of football or other team sports over a regular run in the park, you’re in luck. It’s a reason that children of all ages are ushered into teams and supposed to learn how to play together; team sport helps you to trust others and understand when you should step back and allow someone else to take over control.

These are good qualities for people who need to live together and cooperate on a daily basis. It also teaches us to be alert for when others might need our help – as well as being able to accept their help when we need it. The idea with football is that no player is able to cover every position on the field, you simply can’t do it all by yourself.

Those who have practiced a lot of team sports may even develop leadership qualities and will function better in the workplace; a focus on making the team as good as possible tends to foster these much-needed qualities over time – and even make the player work better in social situations.  

When we celebrate the victory of our team, we’re encouraging ourselves to look for victories that benefit more than just the individual; there is no I in a team, right? Scramble together a group of your own to play with, enjoy a bit of football betting here, or join a local football team to reap the benefits.  

Tennis for your mental health

Tennis and table tennis, in particular, has recently seen increased popularity as scientists are naming it the number one sport for your brain. It might seem odd that a such a simple game can bring you so many benefits, yet the evidence is overwhelming. It has proven to be beneficial for your mental health, in rehabilitating patients who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, as the high level of concentration provides a powerful exercise for their brain.  

The fast-paced game will enhance your reflexes, unsurprisingly, as well as developing fast twitch muscles in the body. Just fifteen minutes of the game can provide your brain with a lot of benefits – and it’s fun too, especially if you manage to win.

We’ll keep enjoying sports regardless of the brain boosting benefits, but it’s good to know that the time you spend on it will benefit you in old age as well. Maintain an active lifestyle, a positive mindset, and a healthy diet, and you’ll enjoy a clear and functioning brain for a long time to come.

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