Investing Personally – Securing Your Future

As young people, we very rarely think too far ahead. There comes a time in life where we have to look towards our future. Securing our future is one of the most important things we can do. Just how do we do this? Well, we invest. Now, when it comes to investing, we are not talking about playing the markets and business investments. Today we are going to be looking at the best way to invest to offer personal security for you and your family.


Investing In Education

As painfully cliche as it may sound, investing in yourself is one of the wisest things any person can do. When it comes to investing in oneself, people often misinterpret what this means.

Your obvious first step will be your education, putting time and effort into your education can shape the path of your life. What was once the case where people told you that you only had one shot. This is no longer the truth. There are so many opportunities at further education or even a second chance to go over something you may have missed in your early years. 

Even the smallest amount of extra education can see you go further in life and help you reach aspirations you never knew you had. Sources such as SoFi help guide you through investing 101 – highlighting the importance of Education and how it can shape your career.

When we look at the importance of a degree nowadays, it is probably more important than ever. The world is constantly progressing to become more and more digital. Technology rules and the truth is, for a job in technology, you need a pretty strong education.

Luckily enough, with the need to fill so many technology positions there are now free courses available that will teach you to code and it is soon to become mandatory in schools.

Investing In Your Career

For some of us, we grow up knowing exactly what we want to do in life, we know the career pathway, how to get there and we just go and do it. Unfortunately, this is only a very small percentage of us. Nowadays, many people choose the wrong career path as they choose far too early. 

Taking your time and finding exactly the right career path for you is essential. Not only will this allow you career satisfaction, but it will also see you finding your pathway forward.

Once settled in your chosen career, you can subsidise your pension with a private pension scheme. Most people nowadays don’t have the option to retire early. By settling into your career at the right time and correctly applying your contributions, you could indeed shape yourself a very nice future.

The added benefit of finding a career early is your ability to climb the career ladder. The longer you are employed, the more valuable you become. You gain knowledge of the industry that only comes with experience. Before you know it you are the sitting MVP.

Investing In Your Home

One of the single biggest purchased and commitments you will ever make in your life is when it comes to purchasing your first home. 

When it comes to buying a home, it is not as easy as it once was. Having the right amount of credit behind you and a good solid income is always going to be a fantastic step forward. There are some amongst us, who have had financial troubles and some that still do, after all, we are in a worrying state as far as the financial market is concerned. 

With the facts and figures being presented as they are some may ask why should I repair my credit score? Well, the simple answer is, the economy will improve and the government is striving to make it easier for young people to buy their first home.

Your first home can also be your smartest financial investment. If you follow 20-year market growth, some families purchased a property in 1989 for £70,000 and they are now selling a mortgage-free property for nigh on £200,000. 

Investing In A Business

Another fantastic step is investing in a business. When this is brought up, people often think of a dragons den situation. Well, don’t get your chair and pile of cash ready just yet.

Why not invest in starting your own business, if of course, you can touch the niche of your current skill set. There are now huge numbers of people who are investing in themselves and shunning their current employers to work under their own rules.

This can be one of the most magnificent things you could ever do. Working on a self employed basis is becoming ever more popular in today’s world as the opportunities for those who are willing to work are endless.

Before you go and tell your boss where to go though, there are a few things to consider. Not everybody is capable of working as a sole trader. This has nothing to do with skillset. It is in fact all about mindset.

We go to work as a rule under the influence of rules, we follow a hierarchy. This isn’t the case when self-employed. You need to display self-discipline and don’t forget the taxman.

You also have lots of minor considerations to take on board when it comes to starting up your own business. You should consider your competition and the initial amount of time it will take to start the business. You will need to have a great support network around you too.

Invest In Yourself

This one is of great importance. Finding time for you and only you. When it comes to time, you may find yourself completely overrun by family, work and friends. 

This is where can all take a huge downfall. One of the biggest keys to success is to find something for you. Having time to oneself is imperative for your working life and especially for your mental health.

Your mental health is so important, the world is full of stress. As people, the one thing we can absorb is a good level of stress. Absorbing it is the easy part, ridding yourself of it is difficult. 

This is why we need to balance our lives and find time for not just everybody else, but also for us. Mindfulness and stress relief is such an underestimated investment.

Invest In Your Family

Finally, invest in your family. These are the people that are always there. Whether you want them to be or not. 

When you are studying, it’s your family that you will turn to in times of need. When you needed reassurance they were there. When you were in desperate need of some extra financial help, your family supported you. They have helped shape you into the person you are today. 

What do we notice about this? Well, it was indeed your family that first invested in you. That is absolutely correct, we have gone full Lion King and noticed that investment is indeed a part of the circle of life. 

Although you may find that amusing, and it is. The truth is, you will find yourself investing time, money and love back into your family. The more we age, the more important your family will become. You will then find, that every single investment you have made before this, has allowed you to comfortably settle at this point.

So there we have it, just a few ways for you to invest in your future. If you decide to take on even a few of these steps, you will be on your way to shaping a perfect future for you and your family.

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