Learn How To Drive – Fast!

Driving is one of the gateways to freedom! Imagine going wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to suffer sitting next to people on the bus and enduring their loud, inappropriate phone conversations. Not to mention, the amount of time it will save you from getting around. However, it’s not always to avoid convenience or to avoid people on public transport. It could be compulsory for you to apply for a specific job, or a necessity to transport someone around you’re taking care of. Well, you should know if you’re keen to pass fast, it’s possible and here’s how! 


Study Hard For Your Theory

Assuming you have your provisional driving licence, our first step is to get your theory out the way. And by the way we mean to study hard for it so that you gain a greater understanding of the roads. You can buy interactive learning packs from WHSmith or online to give you an idea of what to expect on your test. Practice the mock tests until you’re getting full marks and use your skills when you see signs on the road. You can’t book your practical test without this certificate, so you must get it done asap. 

Book Your Practical Test

A lot of people like you are trying to pass their driving test. And so you might find that when you head to the DVLA website to book your practical test, there are no slots available. Here are your options;

  • Book the next available test to secure your slot. 
  • Find an alternative testing centre that’s not too far from where you live. Or, if you need to book urgently search ‘Find Me a Driving Test‘ online. 

Following this, a range of options shall arise from businesses who have the software to check whether there has been a cancellation.

Find A Great Driving Instructor

By this, we mean someone with an excellent pass rate and that you believe you can benefit from their learning style. You should be clear before you begin any lessons that you have a goal to pass your driving test quickly. The instructor will let you know whether they’ll be able to provide the teaching you need to get to that point, or whether they think it’s possible at all. Aim to secure a few hours of driving lessons per week, so that you can build your driving skills a lot quicker.

Be Accountable

Whether you pass your test in two months or five is mostly down to you! If you can invest the time and money to, then keep on practising until you know that you’re ready to pass your test. If however, you’re unsure running up to your test you can either have a go, but risk failing. Or move your test to a later date to give you a bit more time to get to grips with driving. 

There is a lot more to driving than buying a fancy car or taking advantage of drive-thrus. The most important thing of all is to consider yours and everyone else’s safety while driving. Routinely checking your mirrors, slowing down when you see a child at a pedestrian crossing and consistently monitoring your speed is all about safety. Good luck with passing your test!

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