Relaxing – Are You Making Time For It?

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, sometimes the hours are long, they are hard, and you are exhausted at the end of the day. But instead of taking a break – you go back at it. The weekend is where all the chores, food shop, trying to fit in 942 social engagements are done and sleep too. The fact is that unless we are actually booking in time to relax, most of us aren’t getting the opportunity. Which sucks.

As side from laying on the couch watching soaps and cat napping, some hobbies are found to be really relaxing. They let your brain switch off and begin to unwind. Which brings your stress levels down, and then you are in a happy cycle.

But which hobbies are the best at letting people really relax?



This creative outlet can be used in so many ways. While many people are focusing on trying to write the best book they can, others are writing poetry or blogs. All of them are wonderful ways to let your brain explore their creative side. You can hand write in notebooks that you have picked up for the purpose, or you can simply let the words flow on your blog. We all have something to say, it just isn’t always apparent until we start writing.


Gaming is a super popular way to unwind. Playing PC games like Warcraft, League of Legends and Heroes of The Storm, Playstation games like Batman Arkham City and Spiderman or Fifa, and even on our mobile phones. UK casino slots are also hugely popular for people too. You may even find that playing online leads to a whole new creative outlet. Great fun and something you can really get your teeth into.


We consume much of our news and information via social media now. But, there isn’t really anything as good as picking up a book and cracking the spine on the first page. Or, using something like a Kindle if you don’t like the idea of having a lot of books taking up space. There is a genre for everyone, from autobiographies to real escapism with Sci-Fi. It’s not an expensive hobby, and it depends on how quickly you read as to how often you might need to buy a new book. But for most electronic book readers there are free book offers all the time.


It might be playing an instrument, or it might just be compiling a fantastic playlist. If you haven’t picked up an instrument before then, a guitar is a great place to start. There are many lessons on YouTube, or you could opt to have private lessons if you want to learn a little bit faster. Piano is also a very popular option, and once you know how to read music, you can begin to create your own – if you wish to.

Hobbies are proven to make you happier. Making time to do the things you love is very important. So it might be time to kick FOMO to the curb and enjoy some JOMO (joy of missing out) and indulge yourself.

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