Money saving tips for the new year

As it’s almost 2019 and the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to go through a few saving tips to make sure the new year is one to remember financially. With this in mind, here’s 3 of my tips for saving money:


Review all accounts you own

This one is definitely something I need to do and have actually been holding off doing all year. I have various direct debits and bills with internet/tv/phone companies and it’s about time I checked if i’m getting the best deals on things like this. One example of this is Virgin Media, who didn’t tell me my contract had been completed so I was paying over the odds for a good 5 or so months.

It’s definitely worth checking over all your accounts to see how long you have left on each contract, and if there’s an opportunity to compare prices and save then January is a great time for this!

Be more transparent with your spending habits

More often than not, the newer online banking companies have become more transparent with how you are spending, and it’s definitely time to make the switch to companies like Monzo. On their app it automatically segments up what you have spent money on (such as transport or food) which then allows you to see what you’re spending on the most at the end of each month.

This is great because it means you can see where you are overspending and makes it easier for you to cut down on certain things going forward. Most modern day banking companies also allow you to segment up your earnings so you know how much spare cash you have each month.

Budgeting tips and rules

There’s plenty of tips and advice out there for budgeting, but which ones really work? And is it always possible to budget when you have so many outgoings? Without the right infrastructure saving tips don’t really help you save. One rule I have seen online is the 50/30/20 rule.

So what is this? 50% of your after-tax income should go toward monthly needs. This is things like food, fuel, rent, and if you’re struggling with this then you really need to identify where your problems are. Then, 30% goes towards things you want, but aren’t necessary. This includes your mobile phone bill, tv subscription or music streaming. The last 20% is the stuff you save (or pay off debts if you have them). Sounds good right?

If you need a little helping hand during the January weeks (as we all know it’s a 5 week payday for most) then it’s definitely worth trying out a well trusted UK payday loan company, such as, which help ensure you have any easy journey and all the information you need.

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