How To Upgrade Your Professional Appearance

As someone in the professional space, your professional candor and appearance does matter. Of course, trying to become an executive in a firm does not require the same ‘appearance’ as impressing during your Tinder date, but ideals surrounding being groomed, well put together, and professional will always play correctly. This extends to more than just the fashion you wear, or how perfectly you preen yourself. This may be reassuring to those who worried we would recommend Patrick Bateman’s morning routine.

Upgrading your professional appearance is, thankfully, more than achievable provided you know what you’re doing and give yourself space for that. However, there are many small elements of your professional appearance, candor and behavior that can give you either a step up or a step-down, and in the corporate world, every non-hostile measure you can use to your advantage is likely a good thing.


So in the following post, let us explore how to upgrade your professional appearance, without worrying about investing thousands upon thousands to achieve that:

Your Clothing

How does your clothing reflect you as a professional? You needn’t be as clear-cut as Tony Stark in the Marvel movies, but ensuring your clothes are fitting, that your suit is well cleaned, that you have glasses that work with your face, a reasonable hair cut, and if you choose to jazz up your style, it is cared for and not an afterthought. For example, large bears are as much a part of the natural corporate environment as tattoos these days, but a straggly, worn, somewhat messy beard? That’s still going to have a negative connotation, just as if you failed to cut or trim your hair for a year. You have more creative freedom in expression than ever, but make sure it works.

Your Candour

Professional candour is part of your daily interaction with other people, but it’s also in how you speak to and address them. For example, a firm handshake, a nice smile, a willingness to get to know their name, choosing to chew breath mints to ensure that even after a garlic-based lunch you aren’t offensive to anyone, and holding the elevator door open are all examples of measures you can take to improve your appearance, because the way you talk and walk is also included in the definition of your daily mojo.

Your Vehicle

Your vehicle can also say plenty about you. It’s one thing to be professional and courteous, and to give a great impression to everyone you meet, but if you retire to the parking lot were your dirt-racing rally car covered in monster stickers and Doritos decals resides, you’re also going to make an impression. Hey, at least someone in the office would think that was cool. However, they often say that a man treats his car well will also care for his work, and that means that using alloy wheels, buffering marks, restoring dents and ensuring your exterior is carefully maintained and the interior more so will be a positive mark on your character.

With this advice, you’re sure to upgrade your professional appearance in the best way possible.


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