Choosing a Career That Benefits the Community

Over the course of the past year or two, many of us have started to reconsider our career options. Even those of us who have been long set in a path in a particular industry may be looking for something new. Why? Well, the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has wrought major changes on many workplaces and industries. As the virus has spread around the world, many governments have attempted to slow and minimise its spread by implementing lockdown measures, stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines. At times we’ve been told we have to stay home and this has negatively impacted many industries, causing companies to collapse and businesses to make redundancies. You may be looking for a new job because you need one and there isn’t demand in the industry you worked in anymore and you need to make some money. Another reason people are switching careers is that they’ve had sufficient time off to realise they’re discontent in their current roles and want to try something else. Whatever your reason for switching jobs, you may want to consider a role that benefits others within the community. Here are some you may have been taking into consideration.


We’ve seen just how important the healthcare system is throughout the pandemic. Healthcare is always needed and getting involved in this field is a straightforward way to help others. You could quite literally save lives on a day to day basis! Now, there are countless roles within this industry and the one you choose to follow will largely determine what steps you need to take to get there. If you want to be a nurse, you’ll have to complete a nursing course, which takes roughly three to four years. If you want to be a doctor or surgeon, the training will be much longer, seeing you undertake a seven to eight year long medical degree, followed by placements, training and guidance in choosing a specialism. You may not want to get involved with patients directly on a physical level. Here, you could try something like being a receptionist, admin, cleaning healthcare facilities and so much more.

Social Care

Social work is a difficult role to undertake, as it’s one that will see you come into contact with some of the most vulnerable members of society on a day to day basis. However, in this role, you can rest assured that you’re helping those most in need. This role could see you helping people adjust to their life following major life changes, helping children to receive the right level of care or making sure people are safe within their own homes. If this interests you, consider Health and Social Care Courses Online.


Many people work for helplines, giving proper advice and guidance to those in need who are calling them. Now, some helpline roles are voluntary, but some people are able to make a career of this. Again, this can be emotionally challenging, as you’ll be talking to people in times of crisis. But you can help guide people and get them back on the right track to live healthier and happier lives.

These are just a few roles that may tick your boxes. There are many more out there. Hopefully, this information can get the ball rolling though!

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