How to rock layers in Winter

We’ve all experienced the winter struggle of wanting to look nice but also not wanting to freeze half to death. Of course, it can be much easier to dress nicely in summer than during winter as layering can often leave you looking like the abominable snowman. That said, there are many tips and tricks to rocking layers this winter.

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Don’t over-layer

Layering during winter is a good idea as several lighter layers will keep you warmer than one thick layer as with several layers, air is trapped between each layer and warmed by your body with a kind of self-generated heat shield. That said, there is an art when it comes to layering up.

It’s generally a good idea to start with the thinner layers as your base, working up to something thicker as your last layer. Start with a thin cotton long sleeved shirt and end with a sweatshirt or hoodie, not only does this look better but it’s also the most practical as you’re able to take off the heaviest layer once you’re inside.

Humble tracksuit

As we approach that transition between winter and spring, we can expect to see the return of the tracksuit. Layering with tracksuits can actually be incredibly easy, as long-sleeve tops, t-shirts and even the odd turtleneck can be tucked in if you’re aiming for a more cleaned up version of the look. Plus, for extra warmth, hoodies can be layered under a zip-jacket. Brands such as Jameson Carter make the smart/casual look easily achievable.

Tracksuits may have once been associated only with middle-aged football coaches or teenagers but they’ve definitely made a resurgence. The oversized puffer coat has also made a comeback and is a trendy option that is easy to layer, even over a tracksuit. Wearing a smaller jacket under a heavy coat is easier than you may anticipate and you can add dimension to your look by mixing materials. Try pairing your tracksuit top with a fuzzy coat,

The ever-reliable leather jacket

Leather is in now and it’s sure to stick around well into the New Year, as autumn/winter trends often do. A classic bomber leather jacket is key to looking stylish while making sure you’re well layered-up. A neutral-coloured polo short or sweater pairs effortlessly with a neutral-coloured polo shirt or sweater.

Not only does the leather jacket boast timeless appeal but also its rugged durability means it suits wintery nights just as well as it does spring mornings. Plus, it’s also ideal for formal occasions just as much as it is casual.

Accessorise carefully

Is a layered winter look really complete without a chunky scarf? We think not. A brightly coloured scarf that you’re able to wrap around your neck a good two or three times will certainly keep you warm and compliment your outfit as the main accessory.

Now you know how to battle that harsh freeze but know how to do it without sacrificing your style.

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