Great Gift Ideas For Sports Fanatics

Everybody knows one of those people that is a real pain to buy gifts for. Whenever their birthday rolls around you’re scrambling trying to come up with something to buy them, and they’re no help because when you ask them what they want, they just shrug their shoulders and say they don’t know. If they’re a sports fan, though, you’ve got a good opportunity there. There are plenty of great gifts out there for a sports fan, like some of this great stuff.


Tickets To A Game

All sports fans want to go and see their favourite team play but tickets are pretty expensive, especially for things like premiership football games. That means they might not go as much as they would like to. But if you’re stuck for a gift idea for them, you could consider buying them a ticket to a match. If you buy one for yourself as well, it’s a good opportunity to go and have a great day out together. If you get tickets for an away game, you can even make a whole weekend out of it.

Team Kits

When people are an avid follower of a team, they like to shout it loud and proud. If they haven’t got one already, you could buy them the kit of their favourite team, like this Manchester United football kit. You don’t need to buy them the full kit because they probably won’t wear it unless they play themselves, but you can get them the shirt. Usually, you can customize them and change the number and the name on the back. You could either get them the number and name of their favourite player or put their name on the back for a personal touch. Just make sure that you’re buying the kit from a reputable site because there are a lot of cheap fakes out there that just don’t match the quality of the real thing.

Video Games

Video games probably don’t spring to mind when you’re looking for a gift for sports fans but there are some great sports games out there for fans. If they’re a gamer as well, this is a great way of combining 2 of their interests in one gift. You can get Fifa for football fans, Madden for American football fans, Tiger Woods games for the golf enthusiasts and there are a whole host of car games for people that are into racing. Just make sure that you always check what console they play on before you buy the game so they can actually play it when you give it to them.

For those who want something a bit more real, especially over the Winter months, technology has allowed us to train and practice for any sport even at home, such as golf. Check out these Golf Simulators for home use, perfect for the lockdown months.,

A Good Jacket

You might be wondering what this has to do with sports but think about it. If you’re watching games all of the time then you’re going to be stood outside for a long time and if it’s the middle of winter, you’re likely to be freezing cold. If they haven’t got a good jacket to wear, you can make their sports experience that little bit better by buying them one. You could even combine this with their passion for their favourite team by getting a branded one from the team website.

A Recliner

When they can’t get out to see their team play live, they’ll be watching it on the TV. They might go out to the pub but sometimes, it’s better to watch in the comfort of your own home. You can make it even more comfortable for them if you buy a great recliner for them. You can get some amazing ones that have electric controls to alter the back and even have a small beer fridge in the armrest. It’s the ultimate gift for a sports fan so they can keep all of their drinks and snacks to hand and they don’t have to miss a minute of the action when they’re watching their favourite team.


Sports fans are pretty obsessive over players and managers and they want to know everything about them off the pitch as well as on it. That’s why biographies are such a great gift for a sports fan. There are some great ones out there written by some of the most influential people in sports. They’ll love reading them and getting an insight into the lives of their sporting heroes.

Sporting Lessons

Some sports fans like to play as well as watch which gives you an opportunity to give them a great gift. Why not get them some lessons with a professional so they can improve their skills? Most golf courses offer great lessons with some of the best players in the business. You might struggle to find similar lessons for other things like football but there are coaching sessions available in some places. If they’re serious about playing, they’ll absolutely love this as a gift.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment is another great gift for players as well. It might be a new set of football boots or some new golf clubs etc. Just be careful about what you buy because most people are pretty specific about what they use. They’ll have their favourite brands so it’s worth trying to have a look at the stuff they’ve already got and try to get things from the same companies.

Sports Memorabilia

There are some great pieces of sports memorabilia out there that make the perfect gift for a sports fanatic. You might be able to get old shirts that are signed by the team, put it in a nice frame and it makes for a great present. You can also get balls that have been used in the matches as well or autograph books. These small mementos that are part of the history of their favourite team are sure to be a hit. However, a lot of this stuff can be quite expensive and it’s often overpriced on places like eBay so just be careful. Do a bit of research before you buy it to make sure that you’re not paying over the odds for it.

These are all great gifts ideas that are sure to be a hit with any sports fanatic.

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