3 Great Solo Activities For Men

There are always going to be times when, as men, we feel the need to get away and be somewhere alone for a while. This is such a part of male psychology that it is often jokingly referred to in the cultural space in a knowing way. We say that someone is going to their man cave for the weekend, for instance. The truth is that there is a lot to such claims, nd that men do really need to find ways to get away from it all and be alone. This solitary pursuit is a natural part of being a man, and yet in the modern society in can seem hard to make it happen as a part of your normal everyday life. If you are looking for some activities you can do alone, the truth is there are many great ones. Let’s take a look at some which are likely to be especially effective for such times and purposes.



In many respects, this is the classic activity for any man who wants to spend a day on their own. Fishing is hard and patient work, and it generally takes a whole day just to catch anything, so you can be sure that this is something that you will want to consider if you are looking for ways to spend time alone. If you have never gone fishing before, you will find that it is something of a challenge, but even so it is an enjoyable one – and especially exciting if you do manage to ever actually catch something. The golden rule here is patience; as long as you can exercise that, you will find that you can truly enjoy it, and if nothing else it will be a calm and peaceful day by the water. Make sure you look into getting the right Baitworks and equipment to really make the most of the experience.


Despite the reports in the media that reading is going out of fashion, this hardly seems to actually be the case for a lot of people. Books are still incredibly popular, and libraries are amongst the most-used public conveniences in the world. If you find that you don’t read as much as you used to, that might have something to do with your over-reliance on the internet. There is mounting evidence to suggest that internet use is making our brains struggle more and more to deal with long, in-depth reading, and as such you might find a book harder to read than you did when you were younger. It’s not just you, and the best way to revive that skill is to simply pick up a book and get reading. It’s one of the best solo activities out there, and it improves your mind.



There is nothing better than spending a long period of time making something, and if you are keen to do so then woodworking is often a particularly good way to go. If you don’t yet have a bench to work on, then your first project can be to make one. You will probably find that it is easier than you think, and if nothing else it is likely to be an enjoyable and exciting way to spend the day alone.

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