Why Stylish Men Should Embrace Their Age

There’s no getting around it, gents. We live in a depressingly youth obsessed culture. Leaf through any magazine, walk down any high street or look up at any billboard and you’ll see chiselled images of male perfection unsullied by the ravages of age. There’s not a single grey hair, wrinkle or patch of thin hair in sight. We tend not to notice this so much until we get into our thirties and the version of us in the mirror edges further and further away from our residual self image (yes, that’s a thing). As old and experienced as we get, the image we tend to hold of ourselves in our heads is permanently around 19-24, back when we all had six packs and nice efficient metabolisms that could handle all the beer and burgers we could throw at them. As we get older, however, we’re conditioned to feel embarrassed about our changing faces and bodies. But, just like our female counterparts we should learn to grow old gracefully and wear our age on our sleeve with confidence…  


Most cultures revere age, why shouldn’t we?

In an era where our population is set to live longer, old age is something we’re going to need to seriously rethink our attitude towards. We all have elderly relatives whom we adore and respect and want to take care of by supporting them yet allowing them independence using care providers like Canyon Care Services. There’s virtue in old age and experience. Unfortunately, advertising and television have conditioned us to lionise our youth even though the only reason that the youth market is so consistently targeted is because they tend to have more disposable income (and are less discriminate about spending it than their older, wiser counterparts).


Own your appearance


One of the least productive ways of dealing with any negative body issues you may have is by trying to be someone you’re not. If, for example, you’re losing your hair… own it! Unless you want to fork out to go the hair transplant route either shave your head or keep your hair cut close. This will not only make your male pattern baldness less noticeable but lend you a new machismo. It’s vastly preferable to a comb over! If your midsection isn’t as tight as it used to be, find new ways of dressing for your shape. If you’re turning into a silver fox, resist the temptation to dye over it. Not only will your significant other find your silver sexy, you’ll also have much healthier hair keeping it natural.


Take care of your skin


Healthy skin looks great, whatever its age. Just because your face has more character (wrinkles) than it used to doesn’t mean that you should stop looking after it. Make sure that you drink plenty of water (great for your skin but important for overall health). Moisturise twice a day and exfoliate regularly. This will remove dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull and lifeless, while giving your skin a youthful glow that offsets the wrinkles.


Whatever your age, you shouldn’t allow society to make you fear the aging process.

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