Changes To Your Car That Actually Make A Difference

If you’re truly enthusiastic about your automobile, you want to make sure that it’s the perfect fit for you. For a lot of drivers, this means making some modifications, but you ought to be careful about which you make. Some of them might help a car suit your style, but they might not add as much value as you think or make any real difference to the drive. On the other hand, here are the mods that can really improve performance, raise the value, and help you give a little more life to older vehicles, too.


The usual suspects

We can’t talk about upgrades and updates to the car without first talking about all the changes you should be making as part of your regular maintenance. Spark plugs, brake pads, and so on. Replacing ageing parts might not be the most exciting change, but neglecting to do it will make your car perform much worse.

Be sure to hydrate


Your oil change is going to be another regular aspect of car maintenance, but you shouldn’t necessarily be using the same oil you’ve been using all this time. High-quality engine oil can make a big difference. Newer cars, for instance, might benefit from synthetic oils with lower viscosity, like a significant increase in your horsepower.

A breath of fresh air

When it comes to adding horsepower, nothing matters more than the engine and one of the biggest improvements you can make to the engine is by improving its airflow. Replacing air intake filters can ensure a higher quality of air, resulting in better combustion and lower fuel usage. Adding a new cold air intake can increase the power of the engine even more dramatically. Cold air is denser, containing more oxygen, which essentially gives the engine much more to burn.

Lighten up

If you want a car to handle better, to go faster, to brake more responsively, and more, then the weight might be the factor that makes the most difference. It truly does impact every aspect of a car’s performance.  Speed, mileage, turning, braking, suspension, and so on all benefit from a lighter car. You can reduce weight by removing seats, cutting out the interior trim, clearing out the stereo, and much more. It’s all about how much you’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of performance.

Hack your car

Nowadays, most cars have sophisticated electronic systems that help not only alert you to issues with the car but manage its performance, too. It’s not applicable to the vast majority of cars, but performance chips can change functions like timing, anti-lock brakes, fuel-to-air ratio and much more. They override your car’s initial settings, often giving a significant boost to engine performance and horsepower. Do be careful and get expert opinions on any individual chip, however.

If you want your car to live a little longer, perform a little better, or simply boost the value, the tips above can help with just that. You’re free to add as many spoilers and decals as you want, just don’t confuse them with real improvements.

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