How To Maintain A Healthy Head Of Hair

Technically speaking, your hair that exists on the outside of your scalp is physiologically dead.  It doesn’t hurt to have your hair cut because it contains no nerves, muscles or blood – so, why all the fuss over something that is biologically ‘dead’ and not physiologically necessary for our health?  

Well, that’s where the psychological benefits of having a well groomed head of hair kick into play.  As a society, we tend to value the aesthetic attraction of someone with a full head of hair much more than someone who is balding, indeed, many men who suffer from baldness also suffer from embarrassment around this topic and describe a feeling of shame that knocks their confidence in social situations.  Furthermore, from an external female’s perspective, men with a full head of hair tend to be considered more attractive and, in some cultures, even more sexually potent than their balding counterparts.  


The idea of going bald puts fear into many a man; as they worry their appearance will diminish due to this condition, and for some men it is somewhat inevitable due to their genetic make-up and the hereditary nature of baldness.  Nowadays, there are increasingly popular hair transplant operations that are sometimes very effective, however, if you’re not quite ready to take such an extreme step, there are some natural steps you can follow in order to mitigate hair loss.

This article is focused on prevention rather than cure, and offers a number of prophylactic steps you can take to mitigate this condition… but if you’re one of the many men already suffering from the effects of baldness, there are pharmaceutical products such as Finasteride tablets for hair loss, that can be surprisingly effective, but it’s worth noting it can take three to six months before an effect is seen.

Reduce Stress

The mind affects the body.  The body is a very resilient machine that can learn to ‘cope’ with all manner of physiological and psychological strain, but there is a breaking point where the body becomes in a state of such dis-ease that a physical condition manifests.  Figuratively speaking, the idea of a man clutching at his hair and tearing chunks out in total despair and frustration is depicted in many a cartoon – but, on a serious note, stress is one of man’s greatest enemies… which can lead to a variety of diseases including sexual dysfunction and premature heart attack.  Whether you choose to engage in yoga, meditation, exercise, or simply walking your dog – try to do something each day that calms and grounds you.

Use a Decent Shampoo

Whilst the benefits of the majority of shampoos are limited to helping retailers empty their shelves, there are a few ingredients you might want to look out for within your shampoo, that has the potential to help prevent baldness.  Firstly, there are many caffeine-based shampoos promoted for their supposed baldness prevention qualities.  Caffeine is a natural stimulant which is known to stimulate hair follicle growth and increase peripheral blood flow to the scalp.  Secondly, aloe vera is one of nature’s most nutritious commodities, and using a shampoo which nourishes the dermis layer of your scalp and can penetrate deep down into the hair follicle itself – will provide the optimum nutrition required to ward off baldness.

Massage Your Scalp

An Indian Head Massage (also known as champissage) is a wonderful treat that can help relieve stress and tension but also stimulate the cells responsible for healthy hair growth.  If, however, you’re strapped for time and/or cash plenty of studies have demonstrated a four-minute scalp massage (that you can do on yourself in the shower) administered for a prolonged period of time results in much thicker hair – suggesting that the increased blood flow generated by scalp massage is responsible for helping promote an abundance of healthy hair.
Get Plenty of Sleep

Admittedly, this one is up there with “drink plenty of water” but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a consistent dose of decent restorative sleep.  Your body does most of its repair work at night and recharges all of its internal systems, including rebuilding and fortifying muscles, skin, and hair.  When you don’t get enough sleep (or drink enough water for that matter) you make it harder for your body to recover and replenish.

So, nothing particularly earth shattering, as unfortunately there isn’t a magic cure or prevention for baldness… but if you nourish your body, consistently stimulate your scalp, get plenty of sleep, and reduce the amount of stress you experience… it’ll go a long way to help keeping your full head of hair!

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